Balsam and lavender

The top sachets are filled with balsam from Maine while the two in the basket are filled with lavender.

Two crib quilts in progress: one fall and one spring. Seasons are so much better than gender for categorizing baby items!

It’s a grey day portending rain. I continue to receive birthday presents, like this adorable elephant (how nice is that?). We’re currently watching the Netflix series, “The Frankenstein Chronicles” which I recommend. Ned Stark, from Game of Thrones, plays the compelling lead. I’m guessing that this show is what “The Alienist” hoped it would be.

I hope you’re having a nice weekend!

PS I read the superseding 25 page indictment of Rick Gates this morning before even getting out of bed. I don’t think Manafort will flip — do you? I just learned that the Dem-Memo has been released, so I’ll be reading that before dinner, which leads me to ask, “What will we do when this drama is over?” It is absolutely and completely riveting.

13 thoughts on “Balsam and lavender

  1. Tina Zaffiro

    Do you grow your own lavender .. I started a plant a few years ago. Oh the color and smell of lavender.

    1. deemallon

      I tried one year but I don’t think there’s a single spot in my yard that gets enough sun. I love how it looks and smells!

  2. Nancy

    Love the seasonal idea! the last one I made was a story-song quilt with all novelty type fabrics. And the lavender idea! I have rosemary and lavender growing right outside my door 🙂 I’d love to add sage there too.

  3. Nancy

    Oops…meant to ask what company/product you used to do the transfers? I have done that too in the way past past, but it faded a lot! Especially the Traveling Quilt, that was used in my car. I can barely see the images now.

  4. Michelle in NYC

    “‘As Rosemary is to the Spirit, so Lavender is to the Soul.” Anonymous (this site):

    Balsam will always remind me of lying out under the pines in my grandmothers cottage, and lavender was how Sister Mary Margaret (a favorite nun of my childhood) smelled when he hugged me.

    When the current drama is over (though it really will never be over), I will entertain myself with gusto and delight, breathe a foolish sigh of temporary relief and continue to mourn the terrible ways of our human nature by way of a practiced detachment and sincere joy.

    1. Nancy

      Michelle~ Such beautiful words and fond scent stories here. And then my heart breaks…teachers, favorite teachers should smell so lovely and feel like caring, not like weapons. xo


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