Mirror, mirror

Now that the ewer full of catalpa branches is gone, the mirror is speaking to me. Pin boards are wonderful ways to look at work from a distance. Mirrors let you look in reverse.

This assembly makes me want to include white in the composition and to have more than one horizon line. I’ll keep looking.

11 thoughts on “Mirror, mirror

  1. grace Maestas

    i love your pin boards…i am thinking they might be the saving grace in the Hut whenever
    it does show up…small small space…the boards would be portable…

    1. deemallon Post author

      They can be cut with a bread knife. Most of mine are one inch insulation. Comes in six or seven foot panels. Light as air, too.

    1. grace Maestas

      o…this is funny. boronoragi is not a comment, it’s my password i need when i post a
      comment on a wordpress site…..eeeeee……

  2. Nancy

    The pin boards are a great addition, as is a burst of white or light. I once knew someone who collected mirrors, so I gave her one from my childhood and wrote haiku or something for her. Mmmm…maybe I’ll dig that out.

      1. Mo Crow

        gave all our mirrors away three houses ago when we had to downsize radically, there’s a tarnished old mirror in the bathroom over the sink that works well enough & a mirrored window down the road to make sure I don’t have my clothes on inside out or back to front when I’m going out!


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