Dress dummy

This dress dummy belonged to my husband’s mother. She died the year before my father did back in the early 80’s, making K the only other person I knew for a long time who had also lost a parent.

I passed the dressmaker countless times on my way to watch TV with his sister in the basement playroom when we were kids. It usually keeps me company downstairs. K thinks a black sweater would show off the necklaces better, but I love the worn surface.

I purchased some of these velvet covered necklace stands last week. Not crazy about them but they’ll work.

Finn and I walked in a light flurry this morning. It’s more than a dusting.

Tired today. Not just of snow.

I plan to compensate for some Sunday tensions and a poor night’s sleep with homemade beef with barley soup a little later. Stitching will satisfy, I hope.

9 thoughts on “Dress dummy

  1. me-ml

    Dee! the beads are so beautiful, is that your collection or are you selling them?
    and yes the dummy is so cool and versatile isn’t she. my friend has one she adorns for the changing seasons. also could you explain the last cloth. the snow must be getting very old! In colorado our day may be in low 70s then could have snow showers tonight! ahh. well. productive day to you. –ml

    1. deemallon

      The beads are necklaces that I recently made to sell. The last cloth is a weaving of paper and cloth and thread overlaid with stitch, paint and I don’t know what else. Gesso? I planned to post a few more
      Pix of it tomorrow. It’s a little bigger than a piece of paper.

    1. deemallon

      Thanks Mo. I do too. Unlike the early days I’m not in this for affirmations about my work or permission to make it so those side benefits won’t matter as much.

  2. Liz A

    I just keep scrolling up and down … what great pictures, especially the last one. Glad to read there will be more of the “same”

      1. Liz A

        Just went by Mo’s place and have to say what an insightful comment you left … advice we can all use

  3. Nancy

    I like the worn look of the dummy too. Perhaps my kindred spirit? Ha. Your beads look nice in this display…and that cloth-paper-cloth+ …Grand! Best of luck to you 🙂


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