The way times goes

This was made during an intense period of caregiving for my sister so for that reason I can place it in time — about eight and a half years ago. I was really angry about it all at the time. It’s a piece of muslin that was written on, ripped into strips, woven and then top stitched with couched threads and other bits of fabric. I gessoed the surface at the end, or applied white paint — that part I can’t remember. It’s been fun to see some old pieces.

It’s a clear day! K is home and rattling around upstairs. I’m making coffee. Finn has his play date. K and I are loading the Subaru with step stool, drill, vacuum, tarps and baking soda and heading to Salem. It’s not The moving day, but we’ll ferry a couple of trunk loads over.

14 thoughts on “The way times goes

  1. Diane Hartmus

    The piece with the white birch trees is gorgeous. Really beautiful. Love reading your blog!

  2. Sue Batterham

    Definitely a bit of chaos in that first piece; I think you got it out of your system there! The leaning houses and the sky gives me a kind of dark feeling?

    1. deemallon

      The White journal piece definitely was cathartic. The other piece has a fairy tale feel to me, and yes, a little dark.


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