A series — global warming

This Global Warming quilt is probably four feet long and exhibits the most surface work of all of them.

Visual vocabulary: Orange concentric circles for heat; bamboo to suggest nonnative invasive species taking advantage of climate change; lots of spirals for tornadoes; ferns and palms to hint at enlarged tropics; smokestack shapes “found” in cut up clothing to represent the source of carbon gasses; stripes for both rain and radiating heat.

I have a total of eight finished quilts in the series. There are at least two more unfinished pieced tops — one is flapping on the line outside right now (what a cold windy day it’s been here!) and the other is in the studio, I think.

These last shots are of the back of the four footer.

PS I unexpectedly sold two small quilts off of my FB business page yesterday. How nice is that?

11 thoughts on “A series — global warming

  1. Tina Zaffiro

    Congratulations on your sales … I’m happy for you. Another story quilt … beautiful!

  2. RainSluice

    I love this Global Warming piece. All the micro-climates of appreciation, and the whole being an invitation to explore the complexity of Nature herself. The back, to me, is the secret language, the unspeakable but very readable story of the fabric of life… our impact on the world and the world’s impact on us: simultaneously fragile in our own domain. And, congrats on the sale!

  3. grace Maestas

    really appreciate the great photographs of the details, since we can’t be InPerson…..
    gives a more complete sense of it all…

  4. Nancy

    Oh seeing all the close-ups, the stitches is wonderful! Amazing riot of color, pattern and meaning! Congrats on the sales 🙂 Have a great weekend!


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