Teeter totter

Yesterday: cold enough to see my breath. Today: they’re predicting temps in the 90’s.

Meanwhile, this small quilt is missing something (life?).

I love the orb (though I can’t quite say if it’s a sun or a moon) and I like the integrity of construction — the house is pieced; the orb is revered appliquéd. But it feels lacking. What would you add?

To add anything on top is to disrupt the construction. I’ve layered raw edge appliqué on pieced compositions more times than I can count — so why the hesitancy?

This little one, on the other hand, makes my heart sing. Fun fact: there were a couple of summers in my teens when I worked side by side with Sufis — I thought they were the coolest people on the planet.

13 thoughts on “Teeter totter

  1. tina

    We are having the same kind of weather here … CRAZY! I love the orb … love Orbs in general. Could some tree’s be added giving it a bit more color and dimension?

    1. deemallon

      I thought about a tree, too. To give life and to counter that sharp roof pointing off to the left.

  2. Jen

    Maybe some stitched birds flying out of the top of the house, or an open “roof” piece that is letting the birds free to fly toward the orb. Love the one that makes your heart sing. It is glorious.

  3. ravenandsparrow

    The elements and colors are interesting and beautiful in themselves but they are all (relatively) hard sided geometric shapes that maybe some organic viney elements would soften and cohere. Another possibility would be more basic shapes (circle, square, triangle) in other sizes…that is, vary their scale.

      1. deemallon

        I wonder if I should uninstall wordpress and re-install because weird glitches are coming up.

        1. Mo Crow

          WordPress may be doing some spring cleaning, a restart & clearing caches every now and again seems to help ease the knots in the web of light

  4. Hazel

    Beautiful design and colors in your second piece, and strong elements in the first. Maybe add more of those rippling out circles with colorful threads, extending to include the house (not through it, but running into it’s sides) to tie them together more? But I’m sure you have a bunch of new ideas by now.


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