Joy where it comes

The Royal Wedding. Sneakers that fit and offer support. Really good homemade gluten free cookies. Lilacs. Lichen. The strength to push a lawnmower. Friends to see movies with. Movies. Social media (yes, even that).

Honeysuckle. Flying overhead: a robin with twigs in her beak (or is it plastic?) landing at the crook of two branches, building her nest. Good books.

A coyote crossing the street at 6:30 in the morning, pausing to look at Finn and me. Disappearing behind Daniella’s place. Finn. Cloth and gifts of cloth (thank you Deb and Ginny!!)

And SoulCollage. Here’s a card made, believe it or not, while constructing the burning infernos and dark fields (actually, I started it months ago and only glued it up this week).

I am the one who adores the wind and the sky and anything that plays with the wind in the sky. I adore red — how it pops and dances. I launch kites — and images and ideas, too. My element is air; my status freewheeling. I am the one who is not afraid to be silly or stand on the edge of a chair.

8 thoughts on “Joy where it comes

    1. deemallon

      From @emrazz on twitter:

      “I’m so mad all the time now.

      It’s not to say I never feel happy – I do – but the anger and the worry are lurking underneath, reminding me that every day we are moving toward a society that is worse for all but a few. I want to stop it, to fix it, but it’s all happening so fast.”

  1. ravenandsparrow

    Your collage and its statement lighten my heart today. And yay for weddings! Especially of a mixed-race divorced American into the British royal family. Things can change.

  2. Michelle Skater

    What a wealth of wonder and beauty! But I feel strongly that the underlying anger is rough on your body. I don’t know what frees us from reasonable (so many reasons) rage. Something frees me. Some sort of perspective that helps me keep a distance from sinking into the mud (from whence the lotus grows).

    That last paragraph! is such a fresh breeze.

    1. deemallon

      I’m not walking around in anger. That was a quote from twitter that I could relate to. And, unlike some, I find my anger useful and don’t spend time (anymore) trying to discount it. Having said that: more exercise would help (to discharge stress – Im working on that) and a meditation practice would help (to create spaciousness where reactivity would not gain the upper hand so readily — I’m not working on this).


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