Gloomy Sunday

Oh but look what awaits on the glossy sidewalk.

Blue for the NYTimes. Translucent for The Boston Globe. There will be a fire again, postcardstovoters scribbled, and a roast chicken for dinner.

During yesterday’s hours in the studio, two old pieces caught my eye. I may work on them some today, too.

Happy Sunday, wherever you are.

14 thoughts on “Gloomy Sunday

      1. RainSluice

        Good defensive and humane response! Our city chose a different route. We have a feral cat community which has been embraced for years now by an elite community of animal lovers who feed the cats outdoors. When tame enough, a cat is brought to the vet for spaying. Every street-cat that is spayed can be identified by its clipped ear. I just have to wonder: do the non-spayed feral cats understand this ear notch, and in what manner?

        And did you know that raccoons love cat food? So do skunks 🙂

  1. Tina

    Sounds like a perfect Autumn Sunday .. love your front door welcome decorations. Can’t believe how quickly the weeks .. months are flying by.

  2. Marti

    Yesterday in New Mexico, a gorgeous Indian summer day with the cottonwoods putting on their golden splendor. Today, Monday Oct. 22nd, overcast, tinging of gray BUT we have early voting and I voted at my main library, we have 2 in Rio Rancho and the lines were long which made me feel somewhat better about New Mexico being the least political state!

  3. Liz A

    The blue newspaper bag … I remember it well. But now I get my NYT online through the local public library (free access, three days at a time) and my xword through an online subscription ($20 a year). Saving trees, but I miss walking down the driveway and seeing the pre-dawn sky (yes, I could still do that, but coyotes … ).

    BTW, I’m still annoyed with the NYT for their part in making Trump credible. I dare to hope that the swing to the left will enable us to elect Beto in Texas … the numbers are heartening.

    1. deemallon

      I have become more of a reader of The Post. Became a fan during the campaign for their in depth coverage of the sexism impairing Clinton’s campaign and informing media coverage (no one else was talking about it). And, the Times seems to step in it as much as they get it right. Honestly, we wouldn’t get it at all but I’m a pen and paper fanatic about the puzzle.

      I see Beto stickers on the tents and backpacks of those waiting in early voting lines in Texas and take heart, even though everyone I listen to cautions against making any conclusions. I think Georgia looks encouraging too. It’s just — can the number there outpace the willful, blatant, and ever-inventive voter suppression?


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