Collaging to the news

Soul Collage, when you listen to back podcasts of the news, can’t help but feature the vulnerable.

This next one came in response to a story that keeps coming back, not unlike a virulent STD. I’ve included a close up to make the reference clear, but since the script is still small, let me tell you. After one line, find penned two words, “altar boys.”

And because Halloween is about a week away, this next one.

I also spent a considerable amount of time clearing about six square feet of floor. Wish there was a “before” picture but you’ll just have to take my word for it. The recycling bin will be full this week.

Question: what are you guys doing to stay sane in these last days leading up to the midterms? I’ve got my weekly call with my Indivisible group and postcards. Tomorrow a friend and I will hit 200.

A fire is nice, too.

9 thoughts on “Collaging to the news

  1. Marti

    For the past two weeks, we’ve been in CA, taking care of a medical emergency for our family. Got back late Monday evening, needed to re-orient, rest, sleep, etc. so staying sane in the midst of one of the most important mid-term elections in my lifetime has taken some doing as my focus has been inward on family BUT early voting started yesterday here in New Mexico so I will Vote on Monday, without fail.

    I have to say that engaging on a personal level has not happened for me this time around as much as I would have liked. Day after day of being disheartened, disillusioned of what this country of ours has come to has taken a hard toll,( Kavanaugh holy crap! I’m with the witches)….then coming back home to New Mexico, practically flat-lined me when I read in an article in this Thursday’s Albuquerque Journal that New Mexico is the least politically engaged state in the nation:

    Still what gives me hope and is tilting me from being off the rails and trying to regain some semblance of sanity is that more women than ever are running for office in this state from Governor down to many local elections. Hispanic women, Native American women, etc. Holding onto that as well as this:

    harvesting some still ripening tomatoes in our garden…

    gathering lots of green chiles, still growing even though we have had some frost and using them to make homemade salsa…

    taking my first cup of tea before daybreak, watching the sun dance across our vast New Mexican sky while wearing a ski vest cause the mornings our getting cold…

    honoring this time of autumn, my favorite time of the year, by decorating our home and outside our front door with dried corn tassels, dried red chiles, not ristras but homegrown chiles that have ripened to red that I tuck into various pots outside; placing some of the beautiful ornamental blue and red patterned corn that we grew over several summers here…, I always take a small tiny basket and fill it with corn kernels and place it on the table in the backyard, each year, giving thanks to the land for this bounty. These are yearly seasonal rituals that hold me to the earth and offer balance and harmony especially needed these days!,,.

    baking raisin bread from grapes that we and the sun dried in September and yesterday, making the first of my hearty soups as the weather cools, all of these activities keep me from falling to much off kilter…

    1. deemallon

      I’m so sorry to hear about the medical emergency, Marti. Hope all is well.

      Something about the Kavanaugh appt hit me in the gut too. Maybe I’d be canvassing otherwise? But I can only bring myself to write postcards.

      I find the rituals of food and season so important, too. Your words draw a very vivid and lovely picture. Thank you for thanking the time to share.

      Which reminds me to say: friends here and in my neighborhood also go a long way to feeling grounded.

  2. Mo Crow

    Power to the People! the seat of Wentworth was always a safe seat for the conservative party here in Sydney til yesterday when Dr Kerryn Phelps won, the tide is turning!

    1. deemallon

      Hey congrats to you! What great news! I hope we’ll have something good to report in a couple of weeks, too.

      P s I bought the Terry Tempest Wms book and started it. It is so rich I will read it slowly.

  3. Michelle Skater

    I take photographs every day, download and post on FB or at my blog, and sometimes included in an email to a friend. I bake and share with friends, neighbors or at my Zendo. Weekly trips to the Zendo reset my clock every time. I advance art projects (holiday cards in process). I was rescued by friends whisking me off for a nourishing week in the Catskills. Other friends for four or five decades have just sent a ticket to Massachusetts so I can inhale Fall before it slides into Winter. I read but avoid sinking into and under the International, National and local news. I am cheerful when out in the world, quiet when home. I keep my balance as best I can. Blogger friends are a mainstay of my well being. Thank you for all you share.

    1. deemallon

      Because I enjoy your pictures and have for years, I knew this about you. But it stands as a testament to resilience and sanity and grace to read it spelled out.

  4. Nancy

    Mmmm…Well first of all, I adore your collaging! I’d love to play with that myself, but time, materials…you know. I have kept up traditions (Pow Wow), bravely reached out to others, hoping to encourage them to VOTE (we are not supposed to discuss ‘politics’ at work, I try not to think of who I work with)…yesterday we went to Ojai Day and today we went for a hike. Nature helps, getting out of the house (and not to work) helps. Friday brought a quick rollercoaster ride with family stuff…so I’ve had to work at that too. I’ll just say, I do what I can.


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