Roux baby

Happy Thanksgiving American readers! Yes, I’m using French’s crispy onions for the green bean casserole topping but I’m firmly drawing the line at mushroom soup. Made a roux with real butter and real cream. Tons ‘o fat. I hope my sister in law’s too busy in the kitchen to read this because otherwise she might not have a serving!

Per usual, I found a great Bon Appetit recipe online. The hardest part was finding the setting on my phone to keep it awake. Greasy fingers and passcodes make for an unhappy partnership.

Sometimes when I’ve had it with the news (just hearing “Saudi Arabia” turns my stomach), I play with the dianaphoto app and make double exposures. It’s truly fun. (K and I may have gone out for burgers last night as a pretext to stop in at the Pottery Barn — how I love their Christmas displays! All that sparkle and dazzle show up nicely in photographs).

Here are a few pix. I’ll save most of the Christmas ones for (ahem) AFTER Thanksgiving.

The skyline is Charleston from 2017 visit.

The peace pin was a gift from Liz (I’m Going to Texas, sidebar) and created by Barry Smith of Australia.

12 thoughts on “Roux baby

  1. fabricwoman

    Happy Thanksgiving, Dee! You look all dressed up for cooking, still in my quilted Vietnam flier pants and Bert & Ernie (Bernie) for President sweatshirt over here. I’m sure they don’t high-grade the cranberries at the cranberry-sauce factory as rigidly as I do, Using tart cherry and pomegranate juice for the liquid, wish me luck! Husb is not a turkey fan, we opted for the famous Costco rotisserie chicken with my mother’s homemade dressing. He’s making the green bean casserole, never have made it myself as we always had Le Sueur creamed peas at our house. Enjoy your gathering!

    1. deemallon Post author

      I’m jealous — quilted Vietnamese flier pants?! Costco rotisserie chicken is the best! When we used to go to Costco, we’d always get one (they are such a good deal!) and then joke about our $300 bird. Hope your cranberry sauce came out good.

  2. stichr

    My daughter found a green bean recipe that has a hot bite to it, with bacon. Yum. [we had our dinner yesterday since all the ‘kids’ have other families to go to today, or all weekend] Love making a roux! Am trying to ignore the GOP for today, better to enjoy my leftovers, right???

    1. deemallon Post author

      A GOP-free day is worth celebrating all on its own! And I love the sound of green beans with a little kick — I wonder if it’s red pepper?

  3. Marti

    Yumm ,your green bean casserole, looks scrumptious. On this festival of gratitude, what a friend called this day years ago, I am grateful for all that you share with us on your blog Dee. Thank you for good, thoughtful, insightful conversation. May you and yours have a delicious and joyful day.

    Me, I’m kicking back with a mug of eggnog, (Southern Comfort brand) to which I’ve added a “misting” of Jameson’s Irish whisky, not my usual Thanksgiving beverage by any means BUT then this is not a usual Thanksgiving! After 48 years (as long as I have been married) of cooking turkey, hubby who has always been a turkey guy, announced that we are not having turkey- he is grilling Wagyu boneless rib eye steak because it was on sale and he simply couldn’t pass it by. rounding out this meal will be baked potatoes with Greek yogurt loaded with home grown chives and chopped garlic, steamed broccoli and an arugula salad, the last from our garden. Surely one of the easiest feasts I’ve ever made…we will, however, bow to tradition and have pumpkin pie but not homemade, store bought. I much prefer to make the late great author and food writer Laurie Colwin’s Nantucket Cranberry Pie cake for dessert but well…I know, I’ll make it next month to celebrate Winter Solstice since I’m not all that big on Christmas.

    1. deemallon Post author

      Thank you, Marti! And thank you for your sustained attention and insight here and around the blogosphere. You bring a lot to the table.

      Your egg nog sounds like something my husband would enjoy, with a nice little kick.

      Rib eye is delicious and a real treat. Just a bonus that it’s so easy to prepare. Here’s to making new traditions!

      Cranberry pie cake sounds unbelievable. I may have to look that one up.

  4. Michelle Skater

    As planned for this frigid day, I spent the day cooking a variety of items, tasting liberally as I went along. I n between, naps at will, a little posting and some random TV. I had no time limits and no company either. So far it was a joy. Your outfit is once again ‘made’ by the drape of towel and the shoes are the cats pajamas! I’ve no cell and no apps but these double exposures are interesting. Now comes black Friday, a ‘No Shopping’ holiday for me. I’m working on Holiday cards and have already got a small box of items to mail in December.

    1. deemallon Post author

      Sounds like a nice day. It was bitter cold here, too. I dont like to shop on Black Friday either. Such madness. Gave up on Christmas cards when the kids were little. I preferred to make tons of cookies and couldn’t seem to do both. But maybe it’s time to start again.

  5. Liz A

    Love the double-take on Barry’s peace leaf!

    But not loving the news these days. Hearing “Saudi” is all it takes for me to mute the TV … although that alone is enough to make my heart pound. The news literally makes me ill.

    Our daughter and her husband prepared the best turkey ever yesterday … I batted .500 with a great bottomless apple pie (why waste calories on a soggy bottom crust?) and a very disappointing (first and last time) pecan bar recipe. Redeemed myself with homemade rolls for my son-in-law and creamed onions for my daughter.

    And French’s onions … best nibbling ever!

    1. deemallon Post author

      Your apple pie sounds good. I didn’t have to prepare turkey this year, which was nice. I made buttermilk biscuits aka hockey pucks. I guess refrigerating the formed biscuits over night doesn’t work.


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