What can you hold?

Me: I just can’t listen to climate news right now. Give me the Mueller investigation on a granular level, but that compressed time line of drought, plague, super storms, and massive dislocation? No.

Friend: Oh, I can listen, but I don’t take it in. If I’m going to walk around and be an empath, I just can’t.

(She’s a psychotherapist).

Friend, continued: I mean, I’m no Mother Teresa. And even she went nuts.

8 thoughts on “What can you hold?

  1. fabricwoman

    Once you really know, it’s impossible to set it back down. Politics is exhausting as well. I’ve been functioning at the only emotional level I can deal with, cutting up thrifted shirts for boro work.

    1. deemallon Post author

      Doing handwork provides ballast for me too. And as much as I say I’m tuning out climate change news, of course I’m not.


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