Pages turning

Ran to the store near the lions to get my new calendar. Does that make the new year official?

Yesterday, some of us stood on the corner near Rep Kennedy’s office. I dashed off to writing class, late, while others met with our rep. Does that make the new political season official?

Also yesterday: Pelosi was sworn in as Speaker of the House, ushering in a season of HOPE and accountability.

(Year-end review produced this gratitude-soaked realization: I’ve needed no major dental work for the last two years. Ahhhh!)

Time to get back at it. It’s easier to pick up the needle than the pen, but both are in hand again.

Reading for the new year will be facilitated by the generosity of others. I’ve devoured three from this glorious pile already.

11 thoughts on “Pages turning

    1. deemallon Post author

      It was fun! It’s a father/daughter writing team. Anne has taken over for her father Tony Hillerman. She’s kept his memorable characters: Sgt Jim Chee and Lt Joe Leaphorn – both Navajo tribal police. Set in the Southwest. Quick read.

  1. Deborah Lacativa

    Great Stack. I’m looking forward to “Washington Black”. The blurb made me think of “Cloud Atlas” which was terrific.

    1. deemallon Post author

      Haven’t read Cloud Atlas but heard it was dense and confusing? This is straight up historic fiction with quite a bit of adventure thrown in. I loved the enslaved character, Washington Black, who finds his way north from Barbados and eventually to England and freedom partly because of his gift for drawing.

  2. Tina

    How lucky we are to have so many pleasures that take us through our days. Sadly one very big no end in sight FRUSTRATION .. but hope .. we can’t loose hope.

    1. deemallon Post author

      Is the very big frustration our corrupt government? If so, I do have hope. For two more books as gifts today — one by Rebecca Solnit, who has such good things to say about both truth and hope.

  3. Saskia

    interesting how your stack of books is completely different from mine, I haven’t even heard of any of the authors here! I do feel we have a common outlook on life (or so I imagine) despite not reading the same literature…..I used to think my books were a reflection of me…..these days my mirror does that for me, not all days are good, haha!
    I have read 2 of Rebecca Solnit’s , I enjoyed ‘Men explain things to me’….which I bought ‘cos I thought the title was/is hilarious and shocking at the same time; she certainly challenges me

    1. deemallon Post author

      I’m not surprised we have different stacks. Many of these are instantly recognizable because of American marketing. Oprah’s pick always becomes a bestseller. Her 2018 pick was Jones’s “An American Marriage.” (Really really good). I try to read some of the Man Booker Prize winners or finalists every year. I tend to be more impressed by them than by the Pulitzer Prize winners. “Washington Black” was a finalist for that award last year. (Superb! Historic fiction about an enslaved boy from Barbados and how he travels through life and around the globe). Also we have “Fresh Air” — a radio show that interviews authors regularly. So I’d just heard the biographer of Douglass interviewed when the book arrived. Mueller is more obscure, not well known at all is my guess — but she wrote a novel featuring Eliza Lucas Pinckney which I read when it came out, so I knew about her (note: it was awful). BTW- what is in your stack? Do you read a lot in translation?

      PS I got two more books yesterday. One by Solnit. She is one of my heroes, for sure.


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