Still in between

Dumplings in Chinatown.

Home Depot run followed by Savers. Look at that beautiful linen shawl and swath of Woolrich houndstooth!

Ansel Adams at the MFA — unbelievably crowded. Tolerable because I know I’ll be back.

Watching Bird Box (creepy good with some unexplained baloney that I now call ‘the Lost Effect’ — after the TV show).

Not sharing.

Fitbit early observations: the steps have got to be inflated (it doesn’t take 1200 to get dressed and make breakfast), sleep stages are all in the normal range but I could use a little more, and I really am not that keen on having this apparatus on my wrist (don’t tell K. And anyway I know I’ll find it useful).

All good holidays now include trips to the airport. We head back to terminal B later today.

I cannot believe that I used to put out dinners for four 350 nights a year.

We are all wishing for snow.

Photo from MFA pictured above:

10 thoughts on “Still in between

  1. Nancy

    What a great photographic journey here! I love your addition, or lack of addition in the no color pics. The crowd one is really great. I feel the same way about dinners and have come to use the phrase: back when I was a wife and mother. Seems like a lifetime ago. Be grateful for air travel and boys who visit, yes? Love to you in the new year Dee. xo

    1. deemallon

      The Ansel Adams exhibit is of course a festival of silver, grey, black and white. And thank you for reminding me how lucky I am to have children who want to come home.

  2. Anonymous

    My husband does most of the cooking now. He said I did it for all those years, now it’s his turn. Good in some ways, not so in others! You had so much snow last year, now none, strange? We are expecting 42 C today. The house is all closed up, the aircon will be on. I hate it !!!

    1. deemallon

      Is that above 100 Fahrenheit? Sounds absolutely awful. We had so much snow last year, you’re right. It just keeps spitting rain.

      I enjoy puttering around in the kitchen and throwing together a meal. It just takes a little more out of me than it used to!

  3. Deborah Lacativa

    Was that a Chihuly installation? In an airport?? It would be so trashed here in ATL.
    Yeah, the fitbit. I hated having it on either wrist and wondered if I could somehow make it work on my ankle. Then I thought about the ankle monitors they make you wear when you are under house arrest.

    1. deemallon

      It IS a Chihuly and I consider it the heart and soul of the new atrium at the museum. “I’ll meet you st the chihuly” is a thing we say. It is giant!

      The part of about blue tooth connection to my phone is what gets me. Once I see a little more about sleep I doubt I’ll wear it at night.

  4. ravenandsparrow

    I get a kick out of Finn taking up his couch space along with the rest of the family. Logan doesn’t get up on our couch unless we are there too. I guess he wants to join the pack. Mushrooms on a figured brown and white plate make a very pretty picture. I know what you mean about the continual meals and clean-up required to keep a family fed. Holidays do require a step back into intense on-going housework, but it is worth it to have everyone at home.


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