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Still in between

Dumplings in Chinatown.

Home Depot run followed by Savers. Look at that beautiful linen shawl and swath of Woolrich houndstooth!

Ansel Adams at the MFA — unbelievably crowded. Tolerable because I know I’ll be back.

Watching Bird Box (creepy good with some unexplained baloney that I now call ‘the Lost Effect’ — after the TV show).

Not sharing.

Fitbit early observations: the steps have got to be inflated (it doesn’t take 1200 to get dressed and make breakfast), sleep stages are all in the normal range but I could use a little more, and I really am not that keen on having this apparatus on my wrist (don’t tell K. And anyway I know I’ll find it useful).

All good holidays now include trips to the airport. We head back to terminal B later today.

I cannot believe that I used to put out dinners for four 350 nights a year.

We are all wishing for snow.

Photo from MFA pictured above:

Monday metta 

May you be peaceful. May you be free of inner and outer harm.
May you dwell in freedom and act from clarity.
May you be cared for gently as you walk upon this earth.
May you know joy, wisdom, and compassion.  
K and I visited the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston yesterday in a successful attempt to “do something”. It doesn’t have to be complicated, does it? I was texting Son Number Two on the way there and the way back about when to talk. There are things to talk about. Things to put in place. While I hope those parental supports matter, sometimes I think that the single best thing I can do for him is to say Metta on his behalf. And so I do. After saying it for myself of course.

It looks like rain. It’s getting weirdly warm again.Between Trump’s ascendancy and climate change, I feel disoriented and alarmed on pretty much a day-to-day basis. But I don’t want to think about any of that today. Maybe tomorrow. We met with Coach Mike for our third training session with Finn on Friday. My boy is coming along! We walked back and forth in front of a fence behind which three neighbor dogs were barking their heads off. It only took one or two times before I convinced Finn that he didn’t have to worry about them. He did beautifully after that!!!

P.S. The way I am allowing focus on writing right now is keeping me away from my favorite blogs. Will be making time to make the ’rounds this week. Can’t wait!!

Top photo is one of my favorite African sculptures.
There was an installation of fashion illustrations by Kenneth Paul Block. They were wonderful!

Because it rained

20140729-082526-30326986.jpgThank goodness it rained on the last Sunday in July, because instead of taking a walk that morning, I went to the MFA.  It was the last day of a quilt show that it would have killed me to miss.
IMG_4648There were about six rooms of beautiful traditional quilts, with a lot of text about the collectors and the quilters’ use of color.  Another friend of mine took exception with how little was said about the MAKERS and how MUCH was said about the collectors.  I spent almost all of my time looking at the quilts, so it wasn’t something I picked up on.  Before I judge the exhibit on this basis, I would want to know what, if anything, they knew about the crafters.  It’s very possible that in the case of many of the quilts, NOTHING was known.

a whole room of Amish quilts!

a whole room of Amish quilts!

In what little text I did read, I noticed an repetitious emphasis on the use of color (we get it! complimentary colors look good together!!) and a real lack of information about the technical structure of the cloths.  Gorgeous trapunto and stippling went without mention; one quilt supposedly had discharged cloth in it where I could find none.

feathered diamond. Penn. 1890's

feathered diamond. Penn. 1890’s

But! I still thoroughly enjoyed the show and firmly believe that quilts belong on the walls of our art museums — and not just the magnificent Gee’s Bend quilts, either.

All the photos were taken with my phone, so please indulge the lack of focus!


bold and dynamic use of plaid



An entire room of variations on the Log Cabin pattern was my favorite part of the show, not only because of the quilts themselves, but because the grouping revealed how profound an impact color/value choices have on design.  All the quilts in the room used the very same pattern and yet were radically different from each other.



unbelievably small strips!

20140729-082527-30327942.jpg20140729-082529-30329802.jpgIMG_4665 IMG_4667 IMG_4668

20140729-082527-30327633.jpgThis was one of many beautiful nine patches in the exhibit.  The show made me appreciate the uses of white when making patterns and colors sing.



woolen, tied quilt — nine patch and rail fence

IMG_4636 IMG_4637 IMG_4638 IMG_4639 IMG_4640

More stars — two Grand Crosses


‘casual’ trapunto moon

I’ve been thinking in a somewhat unfocused way about the Cardinal Grand Cross happening in the heavens right now.  It was exact four days ago on April 23, 2014, and will be influencing us until July.

20140426-201427.jpgThere are a few things that I might be inclined to attribute to the formation — some sleeplessness, heightened conflict with my sister, a friend’s marriage falling apart, another friend’s very difficult transition in moving to California, familiar but loud self-queries about my abilities in life — but otherwise, not so much.

Looking further afield, I would name: three teen suicides in Newton this academic year, the drought in California, tensions in Ukraine, the active tremors along the Pacific Rim, the Malaysian airliner’s disappearance, depressing news about climate change, climate change itself, and the Korean ferry accident.

I have a natal Grand Cross (fixed). Is it possible that I am personally so familiar with the things that Grand Crosses impart that the passing one has less impact on me?  Or maybe (and I like this idea better), since the crosses overlap in a way that forms a star, I’ve got a GRAND STAR going on.  A Grand Star would be all about momentum, release, and forging ahead in freedom and joy (instead of about stuckness, being embattled, unable to forge anywhere or anything) — right?!!

From Astrologer Cinzia Meneghello:

 “The ‘squareness’ of a Grand Cross can awaken our ability to conceive its opposite: harmonious flow.  Every hindrance (each squared aspect) has the potential to lift the curtains of focused intent and perseverance.  Every obstacle (Grand Crosses are sure to bring some) has the innate tendency to awaken our higher self in order to appreciate challenges and to show us how strong we really are.”  and

“this Grand Square should be a stepping stone into facing a darkness that we may have not have accepted yet, one that can awaken a deeper understanding of our own intrinsic worth and self-less values… “

20140426-201140.jpgAfter a truly awful phone call with my sister the night before last, the morning brought resolve and forgiveness. A wonderful trip to the annual “Art in Bloom” show at the Museum of Fine Arts the next morning helped, too. It was 42 degrees and raining when we arrived but the excitement inside was contagious and uplifting.


It seemed to me that the show began in the ticket line!


IMG_2940 IMG_2941 IMG_2964 IMG_2966It is really interesting to see how the various professional florists, gardening clubs or other groups, decide how to respond in flowers to their assigned work of art. (The guy in the interior was swinging his arms around — to release stress?)

The show is ephemeral — like the sand paintings of the Tibetan monks, never intended to endure.  It is up for three days and three days only.  And then the vases are removed, the special docents with their clumps of (mostly women) followers go silent, and we all wait for NEXT year’s installments.

‘Course this was only my second visit.  But I am determined to go next year! And the year after that, too.  And there is a quilt show up until July.  Can’t wait to see that!


PS  After a decades-lapse in following astrology, I am approaching it in a sidelong way because of the really great free app “Time Passages” by Astrograph.  I can see my chart and the kids’ and my sister’s, etc., at the tap of a finder.  Transits are there. And of course, you can pay for more (but I don’t).

Another Nude — SoulCollage Card — Fertility

Fertility -- Council Suit

Fertility -- Council Suit

Just made this card — a celebration of fertility — in all its beauty, moisture, flesh, and mooniness.  This card has a parallel in the Major Arcana of the Tarot Deck– The Empress, No. 3.  Here is that card from the Rider Deck:


There are some similarities — the watery background (waterfall vs. bayou), the inclusion of grains (wheat vs. corn), the red drape, a seated female.  The primary difference lies in time of day — mine is all about the dark.  This ties my figure more to the classic associations of dark/female/unconscious.  It makes my card’s female a little juicier, I think. Perhaps more about the drive to procreate and the act of procreation, and less about the raising of offspring.  Both, however, are seated in their power and fertility.

In putting this collage up for viewing, I am thinking more about blogging and less about archetypes, however.   Somewhere I read the suggestion of putting “Waylon Jennings” and “taxes” in one’s tags to drive traffic to your blog.  I bet these days Sarah Palin might work, too.

From my own blog experience, adding any words relating to sex brings traffic.  According to the dashboard on my wordpress sidebar, the consistently most active posts of mine are the following:

  • Nude thread drawing
  • Mammogram quilt
  • Birthday buns.

The pattern is a little disheartening.  Based on my small sampling, this post ought to be an active one.

The female figure, by the way, comes from the Boston MFA’s press release on the current exhibit of 16th century painters from Venice.  I hope to go!

To read more about the exhibit, here are two links:

the bostonist
enticing the light

And here is a link to a blog discussing The Tarot and other spiritual matters (thank you for The Empress image!) —

Magic of the Ordinary

Maybe tomorrow, thoughts will return to the image.