A storm coming

The air blew bitter cold on the day’s first walk. Less so in the second.

On Cypress Street a hawk swooped overhead, its wing outlines sharp against a leaden sky.

I’m asking myself today: what is freedom? What is loyalty? And what kind of accountability ought to be operating in certain caregiving relationships.

Tomorrow we are supposed to get snow. Possibly a foot.

I’m taking down today’s earlier post regarding Salem. If you want an email link, I’m happy to share, but I almost always have fairly immediate misgivings about airing these personal matters.

Tomorrow, it’s back to final chapters for my manuscript.

5 thoughts on “A storm coming

  1. Michelle Skater

    I never saw the removed post, but I think it’s wise to monitor personal information here. I think I know the story well in any case…tremendous responsibility taken on for another who is uncooperative to say the least and unappreciative to boot. You have my understanding and sympathy. I often mourn the lack of demanding, close relationships in my own life and then immediately realize it is fortunate at this point. My own maintenance takes just about all the energy I’ve got actually.

    1. deemallon

      There is appreciation. I want to stop complaining. There will be stories to tell later. Binding relationships can be good. Just as being alone can be good. But both have challenges. I personally wish you were not so much alone, even as I know you have a vibrant community.

  2. Liz A

    A foot? Really? I breathe in and remember the fresh, clear scent of newly fallen snow … streets impassable … muffled quiet … a chance to stop and just be (preferably with electricity intact and a full larder)

    And having read the earlier post, I can only say the answers you seek are so damnably elusive … in the end, I hope you find peace


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