Pix and captions Thursday

After run to SSA in Waltham, stopped at Russo’s — grocery extraordinaire (and cheap). It was me and the Sicilian widows and old Chinese ladies.

Love me some baby bok choy and black rice.

Still no spare key!

For some reason, lately I’m wanting to turn bits of patchwork into pouches.

Fucking hilarious. On Netflix.

The road today. Some puddles hiding sheets of ice.

8 thoughts on “Pix and captions Thursday

  1. Jenny M

    beautiful pouches ~ your snow scenes are a lovely to see on this very, very hot day in Melbourne. As I type this, it’s 39.7c at midday, and predicted to reach 45c!!

  2. Michelle Skater

    Near 2a.m. Friday the 25th–DITTO Love the pouch, Key saga photo, Willows and the simplicity. Have zero idea whats funny at Netflix but laughed anyway. Those Spaghetti Squash make great things:

  3. Saskia

    loving the photo’s in this post, food looking really sexy, haha
    loving that pouch too, do you sell these?
    haven’t seen derry girls, you recommend?

    1. deemallon Post author

      I do sell the pouches. Plan to put a couple in Etsy store this week. Derry Girls is really funny, believe it or not. “The troubles” part of the landscape, plot, and emotional tenor, but still funny.


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