Choose color. Eat. Laugh.

It’s amazing what a dampening effect weather and disappointing news can have. Parts of Colorado got nine inches of snow! Don McGahn didn’t show up to testify and he’s not in jail!

It doesn’t help to be reading a book about a hapless, middle-aged failure whose failures would rank as astounding successes for me. K pshaws (he’s a champ), but still.

(Why continue reading it, you ask? Because it’s incredibly well-written and I want to know what happens).

A delicious homemade broth with ramen was a definite perk last night. We could walk there too, which was nice.

Another high point: a trip to a goodwill in a posh part of Denver where I scored some really good ‘cutters.’ The best one — a garment made out of African batik.

It’s a maxi skirt, so it’s a decent bit of yardage.

Also, I’m a sucker for stripes, so this beautiful cotton skirt grabbed my eye.

I photographed it on a quilt made for D (13 years ago?) to show the consistency of palette.

What colors draw you in, again and again? I’ve studiously tried to move toward a less saturated color wheel for years and not managed it. Tells you something.

This quilt represents probably as much success as I’ll get with choosing more subdued colors. It’s almost finished, PS.

This dress, while a 100% polyester, has just the kind of patterning that I love. Also, because it’s nearly sheer, it can easily be stitched on top of other fabrics. And check out the buttons!

So, what to do while Rome burns? Have a decent meal and indulge in colors that please you. Is that what I’m saying?


Guffawing over at twitter has its place, too.

17 thoughts on “Choose color. Eat. Laugh.

  1. Mo Crow

    those cloths are good scores, love your wild sense of colour!
    re straight white men making decisions for women’s rights, what century are we living in?
    off on a tangent, just finished rereading ‘Burning Chrome’, this line is exquisite
    ” a switchblade honed on concrete, thin as pain. ”
    ‘Fragments of a Hologram Rose’ (his first short story written in 1977)
    in ‘Burning Chrome’ early short story collection by William Gibson published in 1986

      1. Mo Crow

        it’s my favourite William Gibson book, ‘Pattern Recognition’ (2004) is another that I have read over and over, this is from page 1 ;
        “… that Damien’s theory of jet lag is correct: that her mortal soul is leagues behind her, being reeled on some ghostly umbilical down the vanished wake of the plane that brought her here, hundreds of thousands of feet above the Atlantic. Souls can’t move that quickly, and are left behind and must be awaited, upon arrival, like lost luggage.”

        1. deemallon

          Just learned that Gibson coined the term “cyberspace” and that he read the first story from “Burning chrome” to an audience right here in Denver.

  2. Liz A

    Oh those memes … I laughed out loud (lest I cry)

    Seriously, how f-ing dare they? Self-righteous … clueless … prigs

    And just to be clear, I am pro-life AND pro-choice … it is not for me to judge, nor should “they”

    1. Liz A

      and thank you for giving me a name for my thrift store finds: cutters. I love it.

      And while I have long been one for subdued colors, and therefore very much like your nearly-finished quilt, I am in awe of your use of rich, saturated colors and how they glow in your window shots. Looking forward to seeing where your cutters end up!

  3. Nancy

    Dee~ Those fabric scores are grand! Oh please do use the words and mark printed on the African batik! As far as color choices…they are YOU, speak to and of YOU…why a need to change? Just be 🙂 Those quotes, Oy! What times we are living (dare I say trudging) through! xo

    1. deemallon

      It’s an internal change this color thing, not just some externally imposed “should.” So it’s an edge to explore. I plan to research the batik marking — pretty sure it’s a Dutch wax technique.

  4. Ginny

    excellent post Dee. Gonna swipe that statement on the unborn….that’s it, in a nutshell for all these jesus spouting hypocrites.

  5. RainSluice

    Just catching up here: love the fabrics! I remember batiking with your mom when we were 7 or 8? It was the first time I felt like I made something attractive (correction *helped* make something attractive). Those tweets are great! I’ve been enjoying twitter for short spurts lately. I do try to follow you… but15K+ tweets out there just from you out there?? why why why aren’t these traitors in jail? Yet we know why: there is no DOJ. Everywhere I turn for hope I see spinelessness and corruption, people shaking their heads, a little bit of screaming for impeachment, but effectively no action. I certainly don’t know what to do. For now, I will retweet that long quote from that Christian minister. Suggestions on what to do, I welcome.

    1. deemallon

      Are you sure it’s not 1,500 tweets? I mostly retweet and I don’t even know why, really. For me twitter is mostly a reading spot, though I was weirdly thrilled the other day when Nancy Pelosi started following me.

    2. deemallon

      I share your frustration. I ditched the idea of Pelosi playing seven dimensional chess weeks ago, but now I’m seeing how all the other congressional investigations might get the work done, even if not called impeachment hearings.


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