Little setbacks

Yesterday, Handsome Dog Walker announced he’s done with the dog business. As of the end of June. Damn! This was after spending an hour getting dates into an email and looking at a calendar with him. I knew this was coming, but didn’t know it would come this soon.

The last guy we used (years back) was just in the news because either his dogs or the dogs in his care (the coverage didn’t specify) killed a fourteen year old boy who was caring for them in his absence. So, he’s not an option. We used someone nearer by while in Denver because HDW wasn’t available and Finn came home with diarrhea and terrible manners (not enough exercise, supervision, or alpha energy). She’s out.

I’ll find someone — but so much for feeling a touch of proud glee yesterday at my organization.

In other dog news: Finn can be a hilariously jealous boy. Look at this! All I have to say to K is, “Would you rub my feet?” and the dog dashes over like a bullet and inserts himself.

Today we have cooler temps, but sun. A good day to walk the dog. To write. To braise some lamb shanks for dinner.

3 thoughts on “Little setbacks

  1. Michelle Slater

    Oh dear. Having been a lifelong dog and cat caretaker, I know how critical it is to have a reliable, sane replacement care giver for my absences. I hope the right person is found quickly. Hope you have dog loving friends in the neighborhood to ask for recommendations. Your vet may have a list as well. – The quilt in process is swell.

  2. Nancy

    Ha ha Look at silly Finney-boy! I emailed my son and his wife, maybe they know someone? We’ll see and good luck! Oh, and now I want MY feet rubbed!


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