Light and time passing

Just to say — except for events unfolding on the national stage (which were equal parts terrifying and excruciating), we had a restful and lovely weekend. Boxes were emptied! Lawns mowed! Corn on the cob cooked. A new TV series begun. The US Women’s soccer team cheered on.

And now, I’m back to it.

5 thoughts on “Light and time passing

    1. deemallon Post author

      It’s on Acorn TV (British and Australian programming) and set in Australia just after WWII. A nurse meets an aristocratic family on the ship taking her to Australia (the same town as the wealthy family as it turns out). She saves the son from a suicide attempt. Sworn secrecy. A controlling matriarch. Handsome-ish widower drawn to nurse. You get the picture. AND β€” there are six seasons, so it ought to be a good long watch. It’s called, β€œA Place to Call Home.”


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