8 thoughts on “Photo collage

    1. deemallon Post author

      Oh you’re so lucky not to know. He’s attorney general William Barr. He is a toady for trump even tho he’s supposed to be independent. Leads the entire Department Of Justice. He withheld the Mueller report for weeks and offered one misrepresentation after another in press conferences before releasing it. Let trump run around for weeks saying “total exoneration.” Has shut down at least seven of the cases Mueller referred out. He’s defying a recent Supreme Court ruling, he’s telling members of the administration to ignore subpoenas from Congress and most recently recused himself then unrecused himself from a horrible sex trafficking case that may reveal links to trump (and which he SHOULD be recused from because of connections to his former law firm and his deceased father). If we have slipped over the line (or do slip over) into a dictatorship, it’s because of his so-called “expansive view” of executive power.

  1. Cheryl Fillion

    Love your collages! May their spirit engulf that man who has gutted the concept of “balance of power.”

    1. deemallon Post author

      Thanks. He’s even gutted the notion of “broad executive power.” It’s agonizing, isn’t it, to watch him play out his dismissal of the other two branches of government?


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