The wind woke me at around two. I felt awe and a little fear. I’ve been up ever since, reading, making toast and coffee, and once there was daylight, listening to a podcast (Stay Tuned with Preet).

Finn and I walked quickly, me glancing up nervously, listening for the report of a snapping branch, just in case.

When we got back to the house, we startled a turkey. She was on the porch, investigating a bag of garbage.

Yesterday was kind of a big day. We met with a financial planner, who asked critical questions about retirement timing, expenses, the house, long-term health insurance. All the stuff we’d rather not think about.

No wonder I was tired all afternoon.

13 thoughts on “Wind

  1. RainSluice

    Love the porch photo. Hey, I woke up around 1AM myself. The wind and financial fear-goblins infiltrating my subconscious. hmmmm. It is that time of year for creepy winds and strangely connected spirits. I didn’t get up but seriously considered it. I thought, “why not finish a painting?, that’s what a real artist would do”, or “just finish the household budget”- finally begun two days ago after years of denial and avoidance. However, I tossed and turned eventually relenting to sleep.

    1. deemallon Post author

      I often have that debate, too. But usually I just get up. Someone just told me that Elijah Cummings died at 2:45.

  2. Nancy

    Oh yeah, I get this post. We’re expecting more wind again, which begins the Fear of Fires. The smell is still in the air, with the closest fire only 52% (I think) contained. Yesterday, a long hard, traffic filled commute in to work. The worst moment was when I finally got to the place to turn and head in, there was a Fire Battlion truck parked with the firefighter standing with binoculars, scanning the area…and then a couple of other firefighters down under the FWY overpass tromping around in the brush. A tad scary, especially when you think how will I get out on a single road of bumper to bumper traffic! Ugh. A far as the Adult Planning stuff, I’m working on that too and I don’t get it/like it! Turns out, I’m not a very good adult 😉 Love to you guys as you work your way through.

        1. deemallon Post author

          I know. I follow your FB posts and have your blog posts delivered to my email (don’t often comment because it’s a pain to sign in from my phone) and so, I’ve been worried about you. It’s easy to forget that people are suffering just from the air quality. One’s house doesn’t have to burn down to be suffering from the fires. With a son and brother in LA, I check fire maps all the time now. A weird new routine.

  3. Hazel

    Your winds and appointment (I dread financial thinking/planning) have reminded me of a favorite story, “The Fillyjonk who believed in Disasters” (a chapter in “Tales from Moominvalley” by Tove Jansson. Going to dig it out again.

  4. ravenandsparrow

    Oh ugh…financial planning and paperwork. It is exhausting. I hope the wind blows the weight of responsibility away.

  5. Michelle Slater

    BIG wind in Manhattan too. By the way, I have finally completed my paperwork for Proxy Health Care forms (what to do and who will speak for me if perchance I can’t speak for myself) Took me months of digesting the emotional tangle, moving the pages from place to place each time I thought to tackle them: lAs for wills, well not much hurry since I own no real property and have to coordinate with no one. I will be seeing a lawyer who once helped me with a landlord issue and now volunteers at a local senior center. I’ve been making a list.

  6. Acey

    We’re still figuring out how many trees came down on our property. I was terrified by the way the wind was shaking the walls of our house but also weirdly exhilarated.

    1. deemallon Post author

      Sorry so late to respond. That wind here was exhilarating, too. So awesome. So beyond a human perspective.


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