It did a little bit of everything today. It rained and sleeted. Snowed. Rained again. Thunder and lightening just now.

What a full time! A stretch where every day felt like Sunday. Both boys home. Still hard to imagine a regular Tuesday. Hard to imagine that I used to cook for four almost every night for years. It’s a bit of an effort now.

A new favorite TV character — this battle scarred talking polar bear (in His Dark Materials (HBO)).

Finished this stunning and stirring memoir today. I’ve followed Jones on Instagram for a while now, so it was great to finally read his words. Explicit, sad, tender, at times funny, Jones describes coming of age as a black gay man in Texas and Kentucky. He is rightly considered a rising literary star.

Finished this today. With a little help from my friends. Thought an earlier iteration was it, but then saw that it was missing something. Worked it out with a digital crayon.

Too tired at the moment to string any more sentences together.

But let’s talk about — not resolutions — but intentions — soon. For 2020.

16 thoughts on “Everything

  1. Marti

    Everything -.joy, togetherness, happiness. home cooking, all wrapped up in the photo of all of you. A nice gift to give to us Dee, you and your men. I don’t think it can be stressed enough that the simple act of sitting at table, together, is the best gift of all at this time and really, at any time of the year.

    My grand kids left yesterday morning and while it is great to have the house back to its quiet stage, it is also a bit too quiet. Our grands love to cook and to eat and we did all of that, together. We feasted at the table, feasted in Santa Fe, feasted visually in Albuquerque where we took them to see the Jim Henson (Muppets) exhibit at the Albuquerque Museum, On Christmas, they visited Taos Pueblo to witness the Pueblo’s festival dances, the Matachines and while there, they were invited to feast. They were given the privilege of being invited into a Pueblo home to share in a meal. Everything- coming together, at a table, sharing food, stories and although they are vegetarians, they didn’t think twice about accepting what was offered.

    One of my intentions in the new year is to do more of this- communing from the table, reaching out, food, stories, hopefully laughter and maybe, just maybe, a deeper understanding of each other- community.

    1. deemallon

      Our house is newly empty too which is both strange and familiar. The Pueblo experience sounds just amazing.

      Real time with friends is something I’d like more in 2020, too.

  2. nancy

    I just really love seeing you and the men together! What Marti says about the sharing of food…the Pueblo experience (amazing) leads me to the fact that I don’t like to cook. This comes with a long history that I won’t bother with, but I so admire those who can be the ‘heart of the home’ in that way. May 2020 be just as full and these last days. xo

  3. Michelle Slater

    OYE and YOWIE, you sure are one beautiful family. Everything you photo and describe radiates health and ‘intention’-Big love to all of you-I’ll think of you when I ring the giant bell/bowl at the Zendo where many will gather to set their ‘intentions’ silently within the sacred communion of others. Joy is always an option.

  4. Deborah Lacativa

    Nice🌟 Intentions flowing from the heart instead of resolutions coming from some government. Flexing into 2020.

  5. Liz A

    yes to “everything” … your post, as full as always

    but to the smile-full picture most of all … what it’s all about

  6. Saskia van Herwaarden

    ah, those smiling faces say it all!
    lovely to see you all together…..we too enjoyed the odd day with our 2 boys, who are of course grown-ups now…..
    watching (and re-watching) His Dark Materials here as well, one of my absolute favourites, I have fallen for Lyra; plus I am fascinated & inspired by the entire decor
    the book sounds like a must read, and so I shall
    wishing you and yours a very happy new year Dee XxX


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