A seven minute experiment

Two minute version below. Probably better.

Too many attributions to mention. “Women take the floor” from special exhibit at Boston Museum of Fine Arts. The trench-coated silhouette in many collages is meant to represent Jared Kushner. The quilted warrior is a copy of a figure from The Lost Planet video game. Virgins from Assisi. Politics figures and celebrities copied from online, mostly Newsweek and Vanity Fair.

I used an iPhone app called slideshow maker. I need to learn how to vary the speed between frames.

Happy 2020 everyone!

1 thought on “A seven minute experiment

  1. Michelle Slater

    Just up out of my ‘still’ sick bed (damn persistent Christmas Cold) and so glad you posted these. Watched full screen with earbuds both versions. Brilliant. I think you’re right about the 2 minute version, but only because that’s about the attention span one can expect these days of instant everything. can I post the 2 minute one on my FB page (with credit to you of course and link to this blog post for those who would like to see the 8 minute version? Email or FB message your reply please.


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