The collage project

It’s is fun to play along and play along I shall with Acey over at sparklinglotusink. “Collage month” might describe March for me or December or any random June. I make a lot of collages, in other words.

But still. Although I don’t plan to make a booklet, I am going to play with her prompts. I’m also obsessed currently with making teeny slide shows using digitally layered collages. Bear with me or skip. Feel free to comment on still images only.

Below is the complete collage. Vertical format could be converted to a SoulCollage card later. For the deck, I make color copies both so I can noodle with scale and to produce an image that’s smooth.

CUT THREE CIRCLES was the prompt.

  • There’s the text from some psych journal.
  • The vintage fire cart wheel lower right.
  • And the chicken eye.

I ended up using two strips of orange along the side that were sliced from a SoulCollage card that featured a BIG face. Part of the eyebrow and eye socket came along and I filled them out with scraps. I love how a FIG offered good contours. Another grouping of circles assembled.

I’m not sure where those well dressed silhouettes are gathered. Deb thought it might be Grand Central. I think it might be somewhere in Europe. Sometimes I track sources. Sometimes not.

(UPDATE: Deb was right. She just sent me this confirming photo:)

Tree trunks, an ad for Coach dog collars (the grommets as well as the bright orange blocks on the side) and more grapes and figs make up the rest.

The woman with her old-time device is the heart of the story. The highlighted words “her mother/ memory might” ended up acting as directive. A serviceable title. The ladder also holds a lot of power here.

Her mother / memory might

We wonder what she is doing on her device. What links or letters tapped? To whom does she address her words or is this a private entry? In my dream, she is abroad, perhaps a member of the Peace Corps, living simply, maybe even in hardship. To bring water to others. Or food. Or sewing machines. Her sweater, a lovely Aryan, is a serviceable token of her “real” life. Or is it her former life?

Slide show below. One minute.

Three or four SoulCollage cards appear, along with a page from one of The Sketchbook Projects (“what will haunt you?”). The virgin dwells at Magnolia Plantation, SC, and you’ll see the pennant I made for Mo’s “love is the answer” project.

Speaking of Mo and Australia, this is a photo I captured off a news source last night. These people are gathered on a beach, evacuated because of the fires, with nowhere to go except INTO THE WATER.

Oh dear world!

20 thoughts on “The collage project

  1. Mo Crow

    these are the worst bushfires I have witnessed in the 51 years I have lived here in Australia, praying for rain with none forecast til the end of the month…

    1. nancy

      Mo ~ I have been thinking about you all day today. It just looks awful there. That sky color is thicker, deeper, darker than I’ve every seen during one of the many fires here! Today J. commented on the many species of tiny animals, insects and the like that are just being wiped out! 🙁 I’m glad to read you are safe.

  2. snicklefritzin43

    Dee, it was great to follow along with your process in creating this work of collage art. A wonderful morning treat.

  3. Nanette

    Your collage is such a treat! My eye went straight to her lovely handknit sweater, well worn, serviceable and cosy. Oh that horse on the beach, thank goodness he wasn’t left behind, but no food, no water for him, for them, I immediately felt for the people nearest, when horse needs to “go”! Still a couple of thousand to be evacuated off the beach!. And to get worse today with high temps and strong winds. Hell!

      1. Nanette

        Oh yes, always. I’m sewing pouches and wraps for little injured and/or orphaned ones, mittens for burnt paws. We sew ….knit, crochet, pray…..while our beautiful country burns.

        1. deemallon

          I just donated to an Australian animal rescue effort because shipping from Boston is astronomical. I’ll post the link tomorrow so that others can readily access.

  4. nancy

    Dee, I really enjoy seeing your process and trying to imagine what I’d do if I were collaging and where to get/store materials? Although I suppose I could collage rather than shred all the paper junk around here! ha

    1. deemallon

      Old magazines. Libraries sometimes have them or recycling depots. A few glue sticks. Scissors. And heavy weight paper to work on. That’s it.

  5. Liz A

    My heart aches for Australia … it seems so hope-less … a fever-dream that won’t end …

    And so I think, why collage? What’s the point? But no, turning away from art doesn’t help Australia, doesn’t put out the fires, doesn’t stop the inevitable plunge into future climatic catastrophes … so I too will donate (thank you for tomorrow’s link) and hope for rain

    Meantime art is the balm … the reassurance that there is still beauty and hope in the world … and your collages make me gasp with the realization of how many years of experience stand behind them … I do love the slide show, even as it awes me … so much

    1. Acey

      a lot of time for me the “why collage” question answers itself based on ideas related to the heartbreak that occur to me while my problem-solving brain switches hemispheres in the process of re-assembling pieces of other things to make a new thing. The metaphor becomes the practicality.

      1. deemallon

        Yes! The potency of metaphor and image informs the process. I’m perpetually surprised by what comes up and also schooled.

  6. limitlesscollage

    Hi Dee – I can’t seem to post with my actual name so I thought I’d try this handle left over from the library collage lab. Your slideshow is such a wonderful meditation on creative potentiality. Also love your speculative commentary on the image you created.

      1. deemallon

        Yes hi. I thought I just read a comment from you as Acey? Let me know if issue continues. I want it to be easy for people to comment.

  7. Michelle Slater

    Collage is epidemic. I just got one in the mail from a Massachusetts friend not on the internet and Grace Forest is doing it too. I can’t make more stuff just now, but I love seeing what you are doing. The Fires and Destruction first in California and now the disaster of Australia have burned a hole in my heart that gets larger when I think of the innocent animals. Personal losses and this nasty persistent cold have weakened me. Now, with Iran And Iraq attacked by our unthinkable leader….I’m leaning toward numbness. Still, your presences cheer me and make me almost grateful to pay the monthly charge for access. Thank you for being here.

    1. deemallon

      For Some Inexplicable Reason, WP has been sending your comments to spam. For about two weeks. I thought I wasn’t hearing from you because you’re under the weather! Why, WP? Why? I’m so glad to hear your voice and get your perspective and I do hope this dogged cold leaves you alone soon!


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