Prompt 10

Prompt 10 – use paper that’s come to the table since beginning this month’s challenge or use paper that you did not choose.

Here, find a telescope from a catalog that arrived yesterday (to build on previous drawing and the words, “see further”).

Also, I raided the box holding the remnants of my sister’s clip file. After she died, I mailed pictures she’d clipped to members of the SoulCollage community all over the country — but of course, I kept some.

From Noreen: owls, polar bears, chartreuse Asian face and eyes, close up of raptor wing, bats, X-ray, starry night.

Nothing glued yet.

Skateboarding, fire, vision, the Middle East, climate change — all showing up.

I love how the extended arms of the boarder echo the shape of wings.

I also love the names of skateboard maneuvers, a whimsical, specialized vocabulary that I never mastered, even when there was a mini-ramp in our backyard.

In other news, I have symptoms of a cold for the very first since starting regular use of a netti pot five or six years ago. I feel like it’s more about humility this time than germs. No more obnoxious announcements about the netti pot!

For info on this collage project see Acey’s blog sparklinglotusink

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3 thoughts on “Prompt 10

  1. ravenandsparrow

    The “flying” skateboarder is a mesmerizing image, linked somehow for me with the picture of the flying foxes. Perhaps it is the flying part…the outstretched wings…or the subdued palette. They both have a graphic, patterny quality. The skateboarder reminds me of Japanese notan even though both reflections are dark on light, and the foxes could be flying through a printed fabric. Both communicate uplift, the joy of release and the effort to achieve it.

    1. deemallon

      Flying foxes are a thing?!

      The arms/wings and the words “to bloom” suggest to me not just uplift but coming of age. I guess a solid wedge of my psyche is preoccupied with how it must be to be growing up right now. With mcConnell turning The Senate into a wasteland. The toxic president. Climate emergency. Life is difficult enough.


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