Draw a line

Prompt for Day 8 from Acey (see footer below) was draw a line then collage. I don’t like this result but I’m grateful for the direction because I was feeling constrained from making marks on the pages and very much wanted to.

I think “see further” might be a good refrain for what’s emerging here though. The binocular view finder a heavy handed but apt symbol.

Below are a few digital collages of other pages. I turned the big-hatted model into a tree just as I did James Franco.

Of the women collaged yesterday, she was the figure who held the most allure. She is on display for sure, but blocks her breasts with her arms and shields much of her expression under a huge hat. Being half naked but hiding herself is a posture not just of mystery but of control. What if it is SHE who is shaping her image and access and not the designer or the photographer?

Below, find the lines depicting worldwide food consumption trends (also from yesterday’s collages) paired with a solitary figure and, if you look closely behind the orange stripes, a monster.

Here is the book’s first moveable flap.

This cretin with his thumbs up was selected at the direction of picking something “other.” To see a crass salesman next to the pronoun referring to our middle eastern woman pokes at the contrast between Iraqis/Iranians and us.

For info on this collage project see Acey’s blog sparklinglotusink

For more SoulCollage cards of mine, go to Flickr on sidebar and open the SoulCollage album. Or, track the SoulCollage tag here

2 thoughts on “Draw a line

  1. Hazel

    Have been silently enjoying/appreciating your wicked smart creativity & insights here. “Seeing further” is something I’ve been trying to grasp lately- that now isn’t always, & how that’s both a positive & a negative.
    (& gosh, doesn’t your binocular viewer bring back memories… Dad’s fishing for quarters as we begged for a look, the whirring noise, frantic wrestling with siblings for a turn, searching for the awe of the distant panorama, and then the blackness when time ran out.)

  2. Acey

    It’s been really interesting to take in glimmers of the various ways we’ve been processing a particularly dark and brain-defying week of collective history here in the states. Your selected cretin is shudder inducing in his level of appropriateness.


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