18 the center

Prompt #18

consider The Center of it all.  As that relates to you and your life/the world you’ve made around it.

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Not sure I’ve done the prompt or a lead in to the prompt about Center, but here is: a sweet terrier in a lush enclosed garden, Saint Francis, the entrance to a place of worship, and hands cupping light.


Acey’s Collage Month.

See also my Flickr album. SoulCollage and the tags here on the blog

Prompt #18

consider The Center of it all.  As that relates to you and your life/the world you’ve made around it.

Not – although I know it’s a rather impossible ask but just try – the center that can’t hold.  Not the center of a statement you feel that you must personally make/carry/protect/live by and through as much as humanly possible. Not even the center of why your individual life feels important and vital to something larger than yourself. Instead focus on the center of our body’s coiled energy. Consider the center of your instincts and refined vision. The center of your heart – the never-had home so many of us don’t so much carry in our hearts as we are carried by it. The center rediscovered every time we have an opportunity to breathe deeply and just Keep Still(ness) for a moment.

6 thoughts on “18 the center

  1. Anonymous

    Dee….I’m really liking the collage work you’re doing and can’t wait for your book! Just finished “The Indigo Girl.” An easy kinda read but good info I think.

    1. deemallon Post author

      I have known about the book for a couple of years but it’s one I won’t read until I finish. I’ve read two other novels centering on Eliza Lucas Pinckney but this one will have to wait.

  2. Acey

    This piece as a stand alone is very evocative. It has that Voyager deck feel to it and, although I don’t really ‘understand’ the specifics of Soul Collage it’s clear this piece echoes what I’ve seen of those assemblage style cards as well. Bu I can also see why you weren’t sure if this is the response or its lead-in. Consistently – at least in this challenge – you play around with different feeling-tone iterations not just changes in imagery and color mood before arriving at the crystallized sense of final articulation.

    1. deemallon Post author

      I use the Voyager deck more than any other so I suppose the similar approach makes sense. I’m intrigued by how you make your images and surfaces but I haven’t yet learned to work that way. Or don’t tend to anyway.

      1. Acey

        I love my deck. Have slept with it under my pillow for entire years of my life. Last winter I was cleansing all my decks and was startled to realize the Emperor card is missing. Have looked everywhere. That is my life card (per Mary Greer’s system) and, while still in the mother phase of life, often set out various Emperor permutations to contemplate. Trying to find its anima somehow. Have 2-3 other decks I’m quite comfortable reading with but Voyager is special from the way it came into my life and then threaded throughout the years since. Spose I could learn to read around the missing card but that’s literally stacking the deck.

        1. deemallon Post author

          I don’t know Mary Greer. Worth a look? Is there no constructing a replacement card? Was it lost where you live now (in which case, I’d be waiting for it to show up), or was there a move involved?

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