Scissors to cut and to edit

Prompt #17*

Consider something extremely literal and mundane that’s central to your life and sense of well-being. How could you exalt this subject in a way that expresses its internalized value to you?

Scissors are indispensable to the quilter as actual tool and vital to the writer as a symbol for editing.

Yesterday, I cut rectangles of fabric for a crib quilt commission and cut out almost 3,000 words from my manuscript (where, by the way, snakes like this show up more than once).

The snakes add a mythic element.

Transformation: the shedding of skin.

Eternity: the snake eating its tail.

Death: by venomous fangs.

Meanwhile, The snow did NOT turn to rain as predicted.

And it‘s light and fluffy.


Acey’s Collage Month.

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4 thoughts on “Scissors to cut and to edit

  1. Patty M

    Your quilt is beautiful! I also find snakes good symbols. Some folks are very afraid of
    them so I used to worry more about using them in my work. Your collage is great.

  2. Acey

    This is the perfect elevated everyday object for you! Part of why I like to write long hand is that you can literally cut stuff out. Get things streamlined before the work goes to the next level of development.
    That quilt will be cherished, I’m quite sure.

    1. deemallon

      I don’t actually cut the paper I write on. But it seems to be fruitful for me to have my hand moving across the page. Typing is so different. Good for editing.


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