21 year in review?

Today is an editing day. A Twitter read and groan day. Record and watch trial day. And maybe, switch to British Interior Design contest day, being unable to hear the facts again from the Democrats or to revisit the appalling and democracy-destroying bluster from the Republicans.

Also, at this point I can barely stand to look at Chief Justice Roberts. Moving his pencil about. Glasses on. Glasses off. Doing nothing of any import whatsoever.

So collecting experiences in a visual record seems more than I can do today. I’ve been mulling over some of the big points of 2019 though: witnessing my sister’s death (March 13) and cleaning out her apartment; spending two and a half weeks in Italy, catching Easter week in a medieval catholic town being a highlight; training as an Amherst Writers and Artists facilitator in June; a writing retreat in August in Hawley, Mass.; finishing the first draft of my novel.

This year included a couple of protests in Boston. Postcards to voters in California and Georgia. Calls to my Rep Kennedy (NOT LA rep Kennedy) before he was on board with impeachment. A call thanking him after. And other stuff. Donations to Hickenlooper, Emily’s List, Warren and Harris, Southern Poverty Law Center, the African American Museum of History and Culture, the Slave Dwelling Project,

Continued to learn about slavery.

Built up the a new front garden bed and revised existing one. Planted three birches, a fat pine, an arbor vitae and a rose (of those plants, only the birches seem happy). Spent a long weekend in Rockport.

Gave away tons of my sister’s belongings. Scattered her ashes in September.

Signed up estate planning documents and started more actively planning for K’s retirement.

Whoo – whee. That’s enough, right?

While thinking on these things, I moved some images around. Boots pic (above) is glued. Prince was made over the weekend. But the rest are from today and unglued.

I’m tired because I didn’t sleep well last night.

Prompt #21

Create an open treasure box of experiences and creative devotion/whimsy rather than material objects


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  1. nancy

    That is a lot of year you’ve had! Wow. I love the image of the red coat girl & then the black boots, big and they could be hers. I love the bird on brown…what is he holding down below? Reminded me of handcuffs. Perhaps wishful thinking seeping in? And the skateboarder one…the taillight meshes in just perfect. Love it.


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