A seed a finale

Collage month final prompt.* The “seed collage” here on the left is not a seed and not a collage either but there you have it. It’s the last page of the sketchbook.

It looks like a peaceful scene, a couple (perhaps the man has retired?) looking out over the ocean. It’s a place of repose, regeneration, and beauty. The couple comes here often in between doing other things and going other places.

So a big thank you to Acey for vibrant and energized leadership through a month of well-timed and created prompts. She made a nest we could all climb in and fly out of repeatedly. There was a lot of excitement, connection with others, and discovery.

I haven’t finished yet, though. You didn’t think I had, did you? Many blank pages remain in my sketchbook and many loosely laid images have yet to be glued. Stay tuned. Below are some of the pages I either glued up yesterday or hadn’t yet photographed.

This week I made some survival decisions: I shall resume a meditation practice. I shall get on my exercise bike frequently. I shall listen to new music (I felt unbearably OLD watching the Grammys this year).

And, as a starter activity, I resumed writing postcards. Right now: to Florida registered Dems to inform them that they can vote by mail. It’s easy, it’s concrete, and it might make a difference.

Go to postcardstovoters to sign up. There’s a little bit of a screening process mostly to do with handwriting and the ability to follow directions, but then it’s easy. I get addresses by texting.

Corrupt-genius just expanded the Muslim ban to six more countries. The first time he pulled this shit, lawyers flooded the airports. Protests broke out all over the country. I took part in a well-attended rally in Copley Square THE VERY NEXT DAY. And today?

Something like shell shock. One friend said she didn’t think she could feel worse than she did on Election Day but does. I get it.

One of the newly banned countries is Nigeria, the most populated country in Africa, aka a “shithole country.”

Given the catastrophic recent events and the worse events sure to follow, how do you plan to take care of yourself? What concrete steps will you be taking to get a Democrat in the WH come fall?


Acey’s Collage Month.

See also my Flickr album, SoulCollage, and the tags for SoulCollage and collage here on the blog.

11 thoughts on “A seed a finale

  1. Mo Crow

    have enjoyed these insights into your collage practice through the lens of Acey’s prompts
    I live in hope that positive change is coming for the sake of our beautiful broken world

  2. Nancy

    Dee~ Your collages, as always so amazing. I love all of the images you use and they ways you place them together. Your “This week…” paragraph sounds like my recent thoughts. In fact I went to a “Mindfulness” workshop Thursday after work. This is a time a smart phone would come in handy! I did some breathing and read from my
    The Pocket Pema Chodon” book before work yesterday. Today we’re going for a hike (wish me luck!).
    Something’s gotta give, so far it has been me. As far as music…since being off FB, I’ve found and listened to some great music. I have a blog draft started 🙂 But ‘new’ or ‘current’ music doesn’t usually grab me. Turn me on to something you’ve discovered lately!
    Music = Sanity

    1. deemallon

      Do you have a flip phone? Meditation is gonna help get through this awful campaign year, I’m sure. I’ll bet it could help with your migraines, too.

  3. Acey

    there’s still one more prompt … two more after the seed prompt because I took two days hiatus to heal a neck/shoulder strain. But if you timed it down to the wire for your other commitments you can just tuck them away for later.

    i can’t even with what happened. expected and yet so outrageously blatant.

  4. Liz A

    I’m beyond overwhelmed … with the sheer number and diversity of your incredible collaged images … with the reality of age and its attendant deficits … with the dire consequences-to-come from the Senate’s perfidy …

    and then, real life … today they begin putting a new roof on our house … ugh

    1. deemallon

      A new roof is such a beautiful metaphor for shelter, though. Hope the noise isn’t too terrible or if it is, that it doesn’t last too long!


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