Spray paint, gifts, and rain

When I removed the house shapes after spray painting, I was reminded of Jennifer Coyne Qudeen’s work. She uses house silhouettes with marvelous invention.

The house silhouettes combined with images from the NYTimes Travel section with fantastic result (below). Even the tears make me swoon.

About to settle in for second Zoom writing class of the week, the one I’ve been part of for many years. This one I get to listen more.

Here’s a quick tour of my writing space on this rainy Thursday.

My son didn’t pack Jude’s strays and (ahem) I didn’t remind him. Someday soon, I’ll pop them in the mail to California.

Day SEVEN of HOME CONTAINMENT. I like that phrase better than self-quarantine or isolation. How’s it going with you all?

It was nice to come down to a ready pot of coffee but weird to hear a conference call about technical appendices going on. Fortunately, K didn’t have his camera on because when I walked in front of his screen his colleagues would’ve seen an old bird with weird hair who looked like she just woke up.

16 thoughts on “Spray paint, gifts, and rain

  1. Liz A

    I swoon … what amazing images you have wrought … the serendipity of the tears and the rock holding a road in its heart … and the promise of more to come

    We are sheltered … a word I love, having spent my childhood summers and precious grown-up vacation weeks on Shelter Island … sheltered feels safe and good

    Your gentle voice … rain on the window … trees awaiting spring … hope lives

    1. deemallon Post author

      Shelter. I forgot about that word. Thank you. Shelter Island is more in my neck of the woods than yours!

  2. Nancy

    Oh, I swoon along with you…and then some with the sound of your voice and the rain. Sigh. The Jude cloth is so sweet, along with the story. Carry on!

    1. deemallon Post author

      Thanks Nancy. Can’t remember if I was able to comment over in your blog. But I loved all the cactus on your windowsills!

  3. ravenandsparrow

    Oh brilliant! I love the spray paint method of highlighting images and yes, the tears and breaks are exquisite. Thank you for the tour of your room….the strays (I’d hang on to them too), you, Mary Queen of Heaven, impending birth, and then, rain. Sigh.

  4. Acey

    am saving the tour for a treat as needed. We’re good here. Got our first electronic grocery delivery last night and will be picking up our bread shares with a local baker from a cart set up in her driveway with everyone’s bundles placed a foot apart rather than continuing to pick it up at the previously designated location.

    Son who lives here will be having his last day of work tomorrow. Jim’s trying to decide if he wants to go to the seniors only early shopping hour at whole foods to amplify the meat cache. Yesterday’s freakout cleared my inner landscape and left me grateful for what I could see more clearly once the emotional debris whirled itself away. All my seeds have arrived as well as fresh six packs and transplant pots.

    might be starting to acclimate to a more fragmented and loosely woven sort of attention span as well. Was interested to note last night you’d taken another look at In This House. Have done/am doing the same thing with In This Garden … It will be wonderful to watch what you create.

    1. deemallon Post author

      I heard the seniors shopping hours here were absolutely packed. I hope that that evens out. So glad to hear that your six packs and pots and seeds arrived. Grounding in all kinds of ways.

  5. Nanette

    Terrific to see and hear you, and different to how I pictured you. What a snug space to hunker down in. The extra voices in the house via conference call is a weird thing……my son came to stay a few weeks ago when a cyclone and subsequent flooding were expected, and brought his team with him via the magic of the internet…..conversations and laughter booming out all day long in my normally quiet house…..it was nice. We have had rumours of the first case of corona in the area and despite it not being confirmed, people have become hysterical and downright nasty online, demanding to know who, and where do they live…..people’s reactions scare me more than the virus.

    1. deemallon Post author

      Where are you again? I’m thinking Australia but maybe I’m way off. People here are helping each other out. I’m sorry to hear about the local nastiness. Very discouraging. Our postman picks things up for the very elderly woman up the street. I told him to let me know if I could do anything for her as well.

  6. Mo Crow

    love seeing Jude’s strays and the special spaces in your home and the rain! with the connectivity of the internet and cell phones we have never been more capable of dealing with a pandemic in a rational and compassionate way

    1. deemallon Post author

      Yes thank goodness for blogs and texts and zoom and phone calls. I just heard we may be in for a huge snowstorm on Monday and that LA is now on lockdown. Yikes.

  7. Michelle Slater

    I like ‘sheltering in place’ and I’m actually pretty good at it-having become somewhat hermit in the past decade. I have the internet and a separate land line phone, TV with antenna video collection, Cds and radio to keep connected. However, no cell or camera on the laptop so I can’t access Zoom or any of those other platforms. I have plenty enough connectors to stay in the game near the action.

    Your House Theme is iconic and the vision of you just arising welcoming. I love the rain shot and could have watched just that for three minutes or more.

  8. Saskia van Herwaarden

    i do like those positive/negative house images, the quirkiness of random by-products and to see part of your work space as well as you popping in and out of the mirror….these things help during weird times
    personally i enjoy staying at home

    1. deemallon Post author

      Being at home these days isn’t all that different from my day to day. But I’m going to be strict about getting out in the yard and on my exercise bicycle. Oh and leaving my phone downstairs at night.


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