Some happy smiles, one ghoulish

From the study where I zoom, a few smiles to brighten the end of your week!

You might see the little critters and images on the shelf under the lamp. You might also notice Anthony Bourdain near the rocker and behind the red box, a treasured piece by Saskia. Who inspires you?

When I saw how closely this fern batik approximates teeth and shared it with Elder Son, his enthusiasm at the prospect inspired a little effort.

It is still quite cool here, not expected to get out of the forties today. Rain later.

This little pouch is the second of two. For the boys. Inspired by you all. Threads by Deb, of course.

I’ll leave you with a comment Marti made yesterday, made in response to how full a stripped down life feels. As usual, she spins wonder and grace with her words.

14 thoughts on “Some happy smiles, one ghoulish

  1. Liz A

    I’m glad my morning blog visits circled back to here … there’s no great rush to get on with things these days, so I indulge myself with Kindred Spiriting …

    I love seeing your space and the cloth that falls from your fingers (to paraphrase Mo) … Marti’s words, such a balm … and always I find reason for a wry smile (or two or three) when I visit … thanks for that!

  2. Anonymous

    Your masks and your tchotchkes are fun! Love the patterns. This could start a new fashion trend. Make mine with a big, elastic to elastic, smile.

    I’m posting anonymously here because of what I’m sharing, about how i am getting through this quarantine, surrounded by the worst cases in the US.

    I’m happy. The happiest I’ve been in ages. I get out of the blue bursts in my chest that really took me by surprise. When it first happened I was like wtf is that? A heart attack?! Stroke?!! And then It occurred to me, it was joy. Something I haven’t felt in ages.

    A real wake up call for a new normal in my life. It’s crazy. I almost felt guilty, but no! Damnit somebody’s got to be feeing good, why not me!?!? I’ve paid my dues. I’ve suffered enough. Of course I feel bad folks are dying like crazy, but like a critter out of a trap I just feel like rolling in the grass and celebrating freedom. I don’t need human contact I’m happy here in the greens. I don’t think, when this is all over, I will be able to go back in that cage. It’s been a real wake up call for me. Crazy, one mans pandemic could be another’s Providence.

    1. deemallon

      I’ve read this a couple of times and thought about it while digging in the yard earlier. In a counterintuitive way, this makes total sense to me. How calamity breaks apart structures and not just the outer ones. Also. How some are chosen to express the higher vibrations of life, even at times of sorrow. Such expressions are perhaps more necessary than ever and I hope the joy is so big there is no room for guilt or doubt. Love to you.

  3. RainSluice

    Yes, I love Marti’s piece of writing there. Smiles are so helpful! I have so many mask orders I will run out of fabric soon. Thread I can get just around the corner. I found an old batik sari I’m going to use for masks… I think, if its not too thin. Thanks doing this blog and continuing to inspire! I know you don’t need anymore patterns, but I was just sent this one and it looks pretty great:
    I have to order cord, but my next batch will probably be that pattern.

    1. deemallon

      Getting your package together today! Some cut to 7.5 x 14 some not cut. A few 1.5” strips.

  4. ravenandsparrow

    Ha ha…good Day of the Dead approximation with your mask….dark humor for the pandemic. Marti’s comments are always so insightful and wise.
    I enjoy the glimpses you allow into your home….houses are such self portraits.

  5. Tina

    The mask is great and the pouches greater. It’s fun to have a few projects going at once. That is not the norm for me but here we are. Funny how quickly we have adjusted to this new normal. Not haha funny! Love seeing your shelf of treasures .. have a Blessed Easter. We’re going to order fishfry from our favorite neighborhood grill. I feel overwhelmingly sad for the financial hardship and sadness of having to get employee’s go. To be honest just doing that little bit makes me feel good but at the same time scares me cuz it means leaving the house.

    1. deemallon

      Not just leaving the house, but touching cardboard etc handled by others. But it is good to support our local restaurants and heart breaking to think how many will not return. Happy Easter to you, too! Stephen Colbert had Jon Meacham on last night. He’s the presidential historian but he talked instead about the Christian observance of Easter and how being at home and quietly reading Christ’s words from Good Friday offer a more somber reflection, perhaps more apt reflection of the day, than being in a church. It was interesting and uplifting to hear.

  6. Nancy

    Ah, Marti…our beloved wordsmith! Love the mask. That was my comment on Saskia’s chick mask post….make ’em with a giant smile! Wouldn’t that cheer folks up?! But, my comment disappeared and oh well. Love to see your book area and all the treasures. The nice thing about an iPad is that I can enlarge and really see! Haha I guess I missed where the little pouch idea was discussed, but it looks nice. Be well. xo


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