Dark and rainy Sunday

I fled to the basement. Power sanders, power saws, and illegal gas-powered leaf blowers were insufficiently blocked by my special head phones.

But then I had fun. I actually forgot what it’s like to get lost down there. Put together one collage — it speaks to memory and Saharan dust (even if those are Asian elephants. Are they Asian elephants?) — and added to an old crab quilt. The addition of indigo dyed moons will, I think, make it gift worthy.

Thank you for all your kind sentiments yesterday. K is writing an obituary and cleaning out the gutters and switching out the water in the fish tank and marking out the circle for our new patio. Acting like his Dad, in other words. His father cleaned the gutters well into his 80’s.

14 thoughts on “Dark and rainy Sunday

  1. Nancy

    How fun! Love the elephant papers, the little dark blue fabric at the bottom – in the weave…it looks so soft! Also, like the pocket cloth in the sidebar. We saw a yellow day Lilly on our walk today. The others were all orange! We keep seeing commercials for those rain gutter screens…look like a good idea! Glad he is finding ways to be right now.

  2. Laurie

    I’m sorry to hear about K’s dad. There’s so much coming at everyone all at once. I love your collage and the quilt.

  3. Hazel

    So sorry for your loss, sending thoughts of comfort and love to you both.
    As for the indigo moons, they definitely will! (Although it was gift worthy before the moons, too)

  4. Tina

    Funny how all the noises made you crabby enough to go downstairs and work on your crab quilt .. sorry but thinking about that makes me laugh. It’s a great quilt!


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