Monday distractions

Right now? Perry Mason, episode two. Earlier, essays by Mary Oliver and Deadline Whitehouse.

Dark and rainy again.

Sign of the times.

More signs of the times.

Calhoun removed by unanimous vote in Charleston, SC and two thirds of the Mississippi legislature votes to remove the Confederate flag insignia from the state flag.

Signs of the times.

7 thoughts on “Monday distractions

  1. Nancy

    Some good news at least, but we’re back up in the number 3 slot…don’t like that. πŸ™
    Love seeing all your green!
    We watched an old James Gardner movie, because why not?

    1. deemallon

      Reply vanished. What is that all about. California reported 8,000 cases yesterday. So much for all that early containment.

    1. deemallon

      What is his Instagram address? Link doesn’t work and there are a lot of Jeremiah misses as it turns out.


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