Sample Sale

Pieced patchwork

This patchwork can be pinned to a window for a stained glass effect. Work is 19″ x 18″ and includes some vintage hand-dyed linens, as well as jewel-toned quilting cottons. There is no backing or binding.


I want to dump etsy, but first have to figure this out. So one itty bitty step at a time.

I have soooooo much work to post for sale. Would really love to get it circulating out into the world. Clear out the studio. Make room for new work, etc.

This is a trial post. But of course, should you like to purchase the patchwork, press the pay button and see what happens!

Small House Wall Hanging

Incorporating batiks, linen, quilting cottons, and upcycled clothing, this 9" x 8" wall hanging will add charm to any wall. Machine and hand-pieced, hand-quilted. Comes with a cloth hanger.


5 thoughts on “Sample Sale

  1. Nancy

    Your lovely stained glass work would be gorgeous anywhere it landed. Best of luck in this new part of your adventure.

    1. deemallon

      Oh thanks Nancy. Would really love to get my mojo going. Etsy has always felt like a dust bin to me.

  2. Judith Janes

    Hi Dee. I’d buy this piece but I’m short of larger spaces to hang things. Do you have anything smaller that is more finished? Love the red/blur house photo with the feathers in the pocket, your houses are so appealing and I’ve admired them from afar for quite a while.

    1. deemallon

      Oh how nice! I have a trio of smaller pieces. I’ll post them tomorrow. They will be priced much the same on account of the finishing.

    2. deemallon

      The feather piece is bigger, PS. Not as wide but longer. Maybe it’d work for you because it’s vertical?


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