Now it’s summer!

I’d made gazpacho. I’d made cold cucumber soup. We’d barbecued here and there and sat on the deck on Sunday mornings with the papers strewn around us. But it didn’t feel like summer.

Until today. We just went swimming over at Crystal Lake. Aaaah! The water is both warmer than usual and shallower, but still utterly refreshing.

It almost seemed normal. Girl says to her brother, “Eric! Let’s play the back float game!” Even more normalizing was the fact that they were being watched by a babysitter (How does that work? Is she a live-in?)

Cases in Massachusetts are rising again. After weeks of toggling between 200 and 300, we are mid-fives.

Last week I heard a statistic that recharged my caution. In Middlesex County (where most of our state’s cases are and where I live), if you have contact with 100 people, there’s a 38% chance that one of them has the virus. Just because we’re not California or Texas, it’s no time to get lax.

Upshot of telemedicine call: cholesterol is okay (wasn’t reading labs correctly it turns out), but I need to lose weight (according to me, not the doctor).

I don’t want to go cold turkey on sugar or join online Weight Watchers or even count calories. But I’m stepping up my exercise (ar ar). This is my third day in a row of exceeding 10,000 steps. Already I feel better.

Look at Saint Finn!

10 thoughts on “Now it’s summer!

  1. Nancy

    Aw Dee, I think a lot of the country is too lax. I’m glad you are so aware and careful. I’m doing awful with getting in much movement, much less walking. It’s supposed to be 104 here today! But, how much movement does a small apartment require?! Sigh.

  2. Joanne

    Good post. Mt doctor is always happy when I was walking. Diets just make me angry and unpleasant around people. I prefer to be engaged in something- and then notice I haven’t eaten.
    I am not cooking. I was thinking about the start of this thing- when all I thought about was “cooking” and toilet paper. Now- and this might be a very bad thing- I just do not worry about much of anything anymore. I just get thru the day. Wash dishes. Read. Laundry. Sewing squares to squares. Sleep. All at home. Will I ever want to go places????

    1. deemallon Post author

      I can feel your new relationship to this time. I hit some kind of turning point recently, too. Feeling a little trapped. A little one note. Swimming today helped a lot. It’s been too hot to want to cook and also I’m sick of it. SICK OF COOKING. Next up for a mood pick-up: a ride out to Dairy Joy. I notice you go out for ice cream a lot and it always makes me want to go out.

  3. Mo Crow

    (((Dee))) it’s ok for us with houses and things to do at home but can you imagine what these social restrictions are like for teenagers and young adults?

    1. deemallon Post author

      No to be a young person right now must be awful. All that energy to travel and play and socialize not having an outlet.

  4. Acey

    I want to go to Puffer’s Pond out in Amherst really badly. Just to sit there and day dream. Was thinking earlier today of all the times over the years I did that and totally took it for granted.

    1. deemallon Post author

      I don’t think I ever swam in Puffers Pond. But we used to drive out to Cunningham west of Northampton and troop through the woods to a little and inviting bend in the creek. Everyone skinny dipped.


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