A lot of wind

Muggy air continues. Gusty wind all day and in the last hour, rain.

Finished this. A little press will tidy the edges a bit. The fabric for the moons was dyed with indigo in South Carolina. The woven sections came after a class with Jude. I just couldn’t stop making woven rectangles for a while. The crab was stitched down a lot of years ago. It’s good to finish things, isn’t it?

But mostly, I’ve been editing. Received written comments from my editor on the last section of novel yesterday and spoke with her today.

I’ve known all along that the last bit drags. How to fix? Invent a crisis? Shorten the timeline?

I’m going with the recommendation (long-considered) of skipping a batch of years. It’s gonna help so much!

In the meantime, I need to start submitting chapters here and there with the hopes of getting part of the novel in print. It helps you get published.

The following two photos come from a tiny book called, The Art of Seeing. They were the prompts in the writing session this morning.

I’m upstairs. The book is downstairs. I’ll provide photographer’s names after dinner.

They were effective prompts.

6 thoughts on “A lot of wind

    1. deemallon

      I think the hurricane winds have already come and gone. Lots of limbs down. Many in Massachusetts without power.

  1. Tina

    Good to know that you’re OK .. always excited to hear that things with your book are moving along. Your crab quilt looks great ..I know how great it feels to finish a piece that’s been around awhile.

  2. Acey

    we have power but we’re trapped with trees down on both sides of our driveway at either end that totally cross the road. The noise they made coming down was quite loud


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