How it goes sometimes

I can’t find: *the ankle brace I bought three weeks ago; *the ankle brace I bought last week to replace the one I lost; *my copy of Black Majority — a seminal text about SC history, one of the first I read and one I want to consult again; *a green notebook with scribbled character back stories that I need ’cause I’m moving stuff around and want to keep things consistent; *my wedding band (I know).

When you have ADD it honestly sometimes feels as though someone is coming into your house at night and moving shit around. Or stealing it. Two ankle braces in two weeks? Perhaps hip support for a leprechaun?

Looks like Finn wanted to try his paw at flash fiction today.

A quick turn around the block at sunset. The crickets call out the coming autumn. Rudbeckia dry and wither. The sky lets us know that summer is almost over.

Off to hear Jill Biden and others. The virtual convention’s an improvement on the big arena, IMHO. No endless pans of the crowd and interruptive clapping.

Many moments of goosebumps last night. Not just Michelle, but Springsteen and the photomontage and children singing the Star Spangled Banner.

I would kill for some chocolate right about now.

12 thoughts on “How it goes sometimes

  1. Nancy

    I agree about the convention. Plus the daughter, who’s daddy died, saying what so many have been thinking. Wow. So sad, powerful.
    Your walking sky looks wonderful.
    And loosing things, I can honestly say I hate when things get misplaced, which thankfully doesn’t happen too often…but Grrr when it does! I can’t rest until said item is found again.
    That Finney…so expressive, even if just his feet!

  2. Michelle Slater

    All the great ones are Dems or Repubs who jumped the fence. I love the directness of this coverage. No bru-ha-ha, balloons or filler comments. Virtual chocolate is in the virtual mail and should arrive with your absentee ballot (I’m voting in person for sure. A friend of mine, weighted on possible negatives and hyper-vigalent is sending for an absentee ballot “just in case there’s a fire or a bomb or a tornado”, although she too plans to vote in person. Ha.

  3. Liz A

    chocolate … always … the darker the better (Guittard is my current fav)

    and yes, I’m hoping this new convention format will be one of the Covid silver linings … a model for the After Times

  4. Joanne

    My husband suffers from memory loss and it is my duty to search and find for him. I wish you lived nearby- I’d hand all those items over to you. In my own case, things hide from me until it’s TIME for them to be used or needed. I have surrendered to that.

    1. deemallon

      Whisk broom. I recently lost my upstairs whisk broom, too. Found my wedding band. That wasn’t actually lost. I just wasn’t 100% sure it’d be where I thought it was. I used to have to find things for the boys. “where’s my …” I feel for you having to do that now.

  5. Acey

    I lose everything since the brain injury. In fact I’m reading this on the day of finding my car/house keys after almost two weeks MIA. Have regained so much of former cognitive abilities but not keeping track of personal objects. I put stuff down and move on to other activities without even realize it’s happening. Constantly. Throughout the day and evening.

    1. deemallon

      I’m afraid the repetition got to me. I turned it off and went to bed. So many others thought his speech was amazing so I may give it another try today when I’m rested.


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