Captions to pix

Somehow it seems apt that I do not know to whom this watch belonged.

Progress being made. I may outline the house to make it more distinct.

Below are two mosaics of the same three SoulCollage cards picked this morning, cropping make a difference in presentation.

I knew DeJoy would lie and lie but I couldn’t watch. Just didn’t have the stomach, especially after the uplift of the convention.

Enjoy a few memes (below), selected from my twitter feed. How time is sliding by! It’ll be Election Day before we know it.

I love the last one as an example of the good use of periods.

8 thoughts on “Captions to pix

  1. Nancy

    Ooh Dee, love the flower moon! Thanks for sharing the Twitter feed. I don’t social media, so what you share is just enough. I couldn’t watch either. Love that you’re still building houses.

    1. deemallon Post author

      I thought of you on my walk around the lake this morning. About how none of us need to apologize for being grumpy at this juncture in time. In fact, it strikes me that grumpy is a pretty good state of mind considering the alternatives.

      I read somewhere that if trump is re-elected suicides will go through the roof. Maybe. Especially since we can’t currently leave for another country.

      1. Nancy

        I shouldn’t chuckle at your response, but I did…only because J keeps choosing other countries to run off to if rump is relected…of course knowing we can’t it another emotion all together. Sucicide is truly no joke.
        Also, I had forgotten to say how much I love the perfect way the inside of a pocket watch looks. The essence of fitting what needs to be in, in!
        Back in my almost married days, I bought my ex a pocket watch. He was going to have it forever, pass it down to our children…and so on. It was my old west period. Ha
        Back to postcard writing.

        1. deemallon Post author

          I recently found out that I might be eligible for British citizenship because one of my grandparents came from Hartlepool. I gather it’s a bit of an ordeal to obtain. But I have fantasies of movie to Belfast.

  2. Michelle Slater

    Brilliant memes, Dejoy is dead in the water and joyless. I still have trouble saying Fuck anyone because i associate the word with the patriarchy that invented it. Hang on for the elections and vote in person if you can.

    1. deemallon Post author

      Oh fuck is such a good word! I fully own my right to call a person a cunt too. I get into trouble with some feminists about this.

  3. RainSluice

    Love your house piece. Blood in the sky speaks to my mood. Though I am currently in a lovely place, its a beautiful day, when I drive out to the wifi hotspot and further to get more milk I am forced to take note of flags that seem to support the police (those blue and black ones?), the NRA bumper stickers and the huge TRUMP flags on front lawns. ok, there are only 30 houses I pass, but 5 have issues with. memes are great.

    1. deemallon Post author

      Ugh I shudder to think about all those trump supporters. Around here, there are many I’m sure but they don’t show themselves.


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