Puzzle, dunk, and beans

The crossword puzzle gets me out of bed on Sundays, eager and curious.

Another beautiful day. It might rain at six. Regarding our patio dinner postponed from last night, K quips, “We should hold it yesterday.” It ended up being beautiful at six last evening.

A dunk a day keeps the depression away! Not gonna happen, but how grateful I am when we go.

You know it’s time to chuck a suit when the elastic crackles as you put it on. Since I love polka dots so much, a piece of the Lycra/poly blend will go into the fabric stash. I’ve used other synthetic polka dots to good effect.

Here’s a hint about tonight’s bean salad.

Here’s a hint about how the chicken will be served.

Here’s a link to GimmeSomeOven for their chimichurri recipe. Yummmm! I hope there will be some leftover for leftovers!

7 thoughts on “Puzzle, dunk, and beans

  1. CFillio

    I’m a big fan of Rancho Gordo beans… and the love he has for them. And thanks for the chimichurri link. It came just as my parsley and cilantro plants turned into gigantic bushes like I’ve never grown before.

    1. deemallon

      Ooh jealous of your herb garden! I grew basil from seed but started too late. I’ll be lucky to get two batches of pesto!

      I didn’t love the Christmas Lima beans in my bean salad. They tasted good enough, but they were unsightly — big and brown and peeling. Not sure what would be a better use. Any ideas?

  2. Acey

    really loving the amazing shots you have on Flickr as well. Every time I go the extra mile (or in my case maybe a couple additional feet) with the precision of my menu planning I’m glad you motivate me to try. sometimes. always glad. sometimes try.

    1. deemallon

      Glad to inspire. Your posts on the natural world are a constant inspiration, too. Not so much as a gardener, but as a holder of states of consciousness.


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