“It’ll start getting cooler”

It’s 60 degrees here. Crickets sing their autumnal songs. Hard not to feel blessed, with zero hurricanes coming at us and zero fires raging nearby. The finches are feeding on the echinacea seed heads near the side door. When I come out, they fly off, startled and pretty.

K went to work today for only the second time since March 13. There were 313 Covid cases in Massachusetts yesterday, so I don’t know? Finn understood the change and stayed up in bed with me.

I am adding batting to the single-layer sections of the global warming quilt. Tricky. Fussy in a way that would be avoided if I were a Point-A-to-Point-B creator. Believe me, sometimes I wish I was.

But just look at that amaranth! It is one of the few glorious results of my seed planting efforts this year. Exactly ONE of the dozens of sunflower seeds I planted survived the rabbits.

The huge squash leaves came from a rogue seed that took root when a piece of compost fell into a yard waste bin and took off! I love how surprises arrive in the garden with a casual regularity that defy their miraculous nature.

8 thoughts on ““It’ll start getting cooler”

  1. Joanne

    I love the last image of the bird and the houses. You make fantastic houses. And YES- HELL, YES to writing all over that Global Warming Quilt. Trump said these words all hunched up arms wrapped around himself- -like he does when he is about to go into fantasy land (it is getting cooler- you’ll see)- the other posture is the “sitting on the toilet pose” which he does when he does “one on one” interviews.

  2. ravenandsparrow

    Beautiful garden, beautiful quilts….I love the denial words on the global warming quilt. Hot air caught in thread.

  3. Nancy

    Dee~ Each photo a powerful commentary on these times, both horrible and beautiful…sometimes mushed together in one. His words, awful in their stitched view, his facial expressions embedded in my head. Sigh.
    The One Sunflower is sure a pale beauty and the pink one below…wow!! Each darker line that shoots out from the center, mimicking stitch in all of its natural glory. Your birdbath reminded me of one my sister & nieces made for my parents out of three terra cotta pots, upside down and painted. Cool. The big cloth, resting is so calm and beautiful. Lovely Dee, really lovely. And your hot cloth, with many outlined ‘people’ running from their homes also speaks so loudly of these times (like the global warming cloth)…and is gorgeous. To be able to make beauty from fear! And the last cloth…I love the bird and the brown fabric and your lil row of houses, but what caught my eye first was how you left the printed words on. I’ve always liked that band of words on cloth. This cloth, again speaking to these days as I watch the flooding taking place.
    Thank you Dee for giving me (us) the ability to view your work by sharing it here.
    Beauty brings calm. xo

    1. deemallon

      Thanks Nancy. Thanks so much. The selvedge edge probably won’t stay. Or at least, I didn’t intend to keep it but you’re making me reconsider.

  4. Acey

    very eloquent quilt. am glad J was fired with the stipulation of working from home in perpetuity. All week I’ve been doing my errands in prep for pulling back into more isolation myself.

    here’s the thing though, Dee. You’re going to have to explain this to me the way you’ve asked once or twice for me to explain something I wrote on my blog to you.

    how/why does “casual regularity [defy] miraculous nature” ???? I mean … buddhism ?????

    1. deemallon

      I think what I meant is that nature is miraculous, period. Then I anthropomorphized it to suggest that she is so prolific and so generous that she can dispense miracles with a casual air.


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