Willowpark Forest sighting

So this happened. We walked five miles in looping trails through a state park yesterday — just what the doctor ordered. We saw tons of fungus, early-stage swamps, and a handful of mountain bikers. Not much wildlife. At some point I said to myself (as I do now and then), If I see a deer, I’ll know my mother is watching over me.

It didn’t seem particularly likely or unlikely, but after an hour-plus, I said outloud, The deer are probably sleeping at this hour.

K turned to agree and spotted — not twenty feet from my right shoulder — a huge, solitary deer.

Can you believe it?

Hi, Mom.

This morning, it was too cold to finish the puzzles outside — even bundled up with blankets and down!

13 thoughts on “Willowpark Forest sighting

    1. deemallon

      Rex Parker. Oh yes. Sometimes for a cheat, always for the snark. Today’s composer trying to be relevant for the younger set, a fan of board games and Magic? I knew I wouldn’t do that well. Will go back for round two later.

  1. Nancy

    Dee~ What a great “mom story” as my sister and I say. That is a lot of mushrooms/fungus! I know they are needed, useful, okay…but they give me the shivers, especially in number…anything in number. Yikes. Your green looks like it could swallow them right up! And the fire looks like an animated drawing! heehee

  2. ravenandsparrow

    Wow. Look at all of those mushrooms! Ours have yet to take off, but the coming rains (hooray!) will probably get them going. I’m glad your mom was with you on your walk.


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