Rage donating*

A click. A clack. I throw my few bucks into the blue bin.

It’s sweatshirt cold this morning. Last night I dreamt about a murder in the woods, knowing that we are planning to go to a wooded park on the North Shore today. It wasn’t really a nightmare, somehow.

Three-eighths of binding done on C’s quilt. Agatha Christie Miss Marple the choice of the afternoon.

A 4.5 earthquake in Southern California hours ago. I wish people would stop asking, Can 2020 get any worse?

Because of course it can.

As much as the anxiety of these final weeks is a metallic tang in my mouth, I am also genuinely curious to see how the judicial nomination plays out. Careers will be made and lost over this.

*not my term. Twitter, of course.

10 thoughts on “Rage donating*

  1. Michelle Slater

    I’ve been obsessed with RGB all day. Every site and all the opinions have saturated me. I too have to let her go though I dearly wish she might have stayed longer. No one will forget her. She was one of a kind. I’m not looking forward to the fight with circling vultures, but I just got my checkbook out to send some encouragement to Biden/Harris (can’t do any financial transactions on line) COURAGE I tell myself. Courage and clear determination.

  2. Nancy

    Difficult days, may they give rise to passionate action.
    PS Your colanders, I too have that kind, one for my whole adult life, now with just two of its three little legs. It is useful and I adore it.

  3. Saskia

    ((RBG)) may she rest in peace, tho maybe she wouldn’t want that, not now

    love the blue bird and the details of the quilt underneath the pincushion! love C’s quilt, especially now that the ‘quilt-bubbles’ are surfacing, love those colanders, funnily enough I have collected a few over the years from thrift shops…..last but not least, love the dish full of promise

    1. deemallon

      Trump was booed where she lay in state today. People took up the chant, VOTE HIM OUT. One friend thought RBG would’ve cracked a smile.


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