Befriending process

Yesterday, between the frightening news about trump’s ongoing efforts to undermine our upcoming election and a new construction project in an abutting neighbor’s backyard, I sought solace in the basement. It was cool. It was quiet.

First came two hours of writing class, then frustrating attempts to attach pieces of the giant global warming quilt. I decided to surrender to the difficulties, in a way, by working fast with top-stitched machine zig-zag. The results were disappointing. Some sections had three layers, some two, some one. Uck! I don’t want to mess with this shit right now and maybe not ever.

It’ll be separate, smaller pieces, then. I just spent a fair amount of time making C’s blanket which involved less than satisfactory technique — the sashing, the lumpy quilting — or I might have more patience for such rogue improvisation.

With the world on fire, tried and true techniques feel like a kind of safe-haven. Self care, even. Things are hard enough.

I wrote this post last night. It looks like I’ll be spending today in the basement as well — unbelievable noise — near jack hammering (not the slightly muffled kind we’ve had a lot of the summer up on route 9) and incessant trucks beeping in reverse. A true noise hellscape. Moments ago: helicopters and sirens. The backyard neighbor’s construction crew hasn’t arrived yet.

* Handwritten quote above from Krista Tippet interview with Stephen Jenkins.

11 thoughts on “Befriending process

  1. Jen NyBlom

    Add the constant whine of chainsaws cutting up hurricane debris to the cacophony and that’s MY world these days. Ugh! I feel ya, sister!!
    Hope it gets better…hang in there💕💕

  2. Nancy

    I like the idea of allowing ourselves the comfort of the familiar. Dee, C’s quilt s just scrumptious! A delight of cool and calm and simplicity! Well done!

  3. Liz A

    C’s quilt … like turning the pages of a book … so soothing, calling to be held …

    but the noise … the cacophony of others’ desires … harsh, grating, virtually inescapable …

    may you find peace … within and without


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