NOT a cutter

To hear Deb tell it, a cutter was coming my way. It was too this and not enough that but feel free, you know, to chop it up.

Huh? I love it. As my mother might’ve said, “it’s a good transition piece.” And pockets to die for!

It’s a gorgeous day here in the Northeast. Sunny and warm. Our street is blocked off from whatever utility work the city’s doing, but the machinery’s still. I can hear the crickets and I can hear children on the playground.

Came down early this morning. Lit the fire table and worked on the laptop in order to change a bunch of Eliza’s reflective queries to statements. Sharp reader pointed out that the form got wearisome (to be frank, Eliza gets tiresome, too, but that’s a different issue).

I folded all the cloth in the front closet yesterday. Wow. It’s what most would consider a decent stash. For me, it’s just the stuff that wandered upstairs during a handful of projects. We might put a few little shelves in there.

Shelves! Long desired! Functional! Simple!

Minors forms of progress feel so necessary right now.

It’s Saturday, right?

14 thoughts on “NOT a cutter

  1. Joanne

    I had thought to let my hair grow out a bit- it has started being curly again at 74- but I looked like an old curly Q-tip. OLD. So now it’s cut short and not a shadow of a curl anywhere. Deb dyed a shirt for me and I love wearing it. It feels magical. Have you tried the “messy pony tail”? that was one reason I was thinking to get my hair longer- pulling it back and up and into a messy topknot.

    1. deemallon

      I wear an old lady top knot all the time. Secured with two clips. It’s very efficient but ages me a lot.

  2. Nancy

    Aw, I love this post. To see you glowing, grinning and having a nice day lifts me as well! Deb’s magic Works!! I would not be able to take it off! πŸ™‚

  3. Marti

    Well this is just fine and seeing you in this wondrous shirt is quite the joyful mood lifter…You look adorable and I expect you, at any moment,to twirl and swish your skirt, extend your arms so that the shirt flys open and then dance across your yard…I’m joining you but my dance is anything but joyful, it is fierce and since I don’t have a skirt, I actually draped a large cloth that I made from naturally dyed bits of cloth- the cloth is centered with an image of Kokopelli, the trickster and I am just so damn mad because the ultimate “you could see it coming” trick of all time has been played- the great Evil nominated Barrett and boy am I pissed!

    1. deemallon

      The best tweet I read today was how awful it is that RBG opened all these doors for us, only to have ACB come along and close them behind her.

  4. Anonymous

    Adorable! You look great.

    I’m all for lobbing off hair. Took another 4” off last week. I’m much lighter and happier. Go for it. There’s plenty of time to grow it back. Plus I always leave enough for a small wooly ponytail in the back if I get lazy.

  5. Deborah Lacativa

    I’m so glad it worked for you on so many accounts. I forgot about those great pockets! If you knew how close I came to making it a cutter! I cut the last six inches of my braid off yesterday, like a certain fictional character we both know. Shocked at how much there still is.


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