Love Mackenzie

You can tell that Stony Brook, Long Island was an early epicenter of the pandemic by looking at the posters lining the walkways.

We are home.

Each day, my brother made progress, particularly with speech, but I’m too tired to say more. There’s a sense of hunkering down for the long haul.

And now watching coverage about trumps hospitalization. Unbelievable.

What a day!

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  1. Liz A

    I remember Wendy Mac(Naughton) doing an online drawing class for kids in the early days of the pandemic … how to make “Thank you Hero” cards … it seems like years ago …

    time is moving so fast right now … week to week seems more like day to day … I hope that’s how it is with your brother’s recovery even as I think that time rarely behaves as we wish it to

    so you’re home and that’s a good thing … safe in your own bed

    be well

    1. deemallon

      One of the things that was unreal about being at the LI hospital was how long ago that acute phase of the pandemic in New York seems now. We did hear that the floor where my brother is (neuroICU) was filled with patients on ventilators.

  2. Nancy

    Today I come back to check and all the boxes pop up as usual. Mmmm?
    Thought I’d let you know at any rate. Hoping your brother is continuing his improvement, xo

    1. deemallon

      Glad it worked out in its own because our PC (where I need to go to do that level admin) is open and mid-repair on the kitchen table.

      What an amazing recent post of yours. I’m accepting your invite to come back and pick and read and go away and come back again. Thank you for all that!

  3. Mo Crow

    (((Dee))) good to see you home and that your brother is doing ok in his journey to recovery, my sister in law had a stroke last Thanksgiving, she is still finding it hard to get to the right words in conversation but is getting there

  4. Marti

    Continued healing thoughts for your brother Dee; touched to see the photo of your son and your brother, propped up against the purple bear…I’m assuming it was a bear…something about a bear to aid in healing that is so special.

    My husband’s middle name is Herbert but he never liked it so he pronounces it with a flip French accent, “A- bear…As part of his open heart surgery recovery, he was given a bear by hospital volunteers who created little t-shirts for these special bears. The bears were named, Sir Koffs A Lott and were to be held by heart patients against their chests to aid in coughing.

    Now that you are back home Dee, take some time for yourself, to settle back into your routine and to exhale…and thank you as always, for taking the time to share your life with us, your strength, caring and resilience, always inspires.

    1. deemallon

      That photo is actually my brother and father. The bear was given to my brother in recognition of how difficult it is for staff who work with him to suddenly have to treat him as a patient. It was so upsetting for the ED doctors to have him come in by ambulance!

      I love the Sir Koffs A Lott and I hope your husband’s recovery has continued on an upward slope! My father had that surgery, I may have told you.

      1. Marti

        Thanks for clarifying the photo Dee. It becomes even more touching to have it by your brother’s side…

        It did help me to know that your Dad had the same surgery and R continues to do well, gets stronger every day. He was supposed to go to the VA clinic, 3 times a week for 3 months, for cardiac rehab and an exercise program. Since he has been rigorously exercising at home and going to his health club (which stopped my heart!) but turns out to be very stringently safe with almost over the top precautions, the first day that he showed up for the VA clinic, after an hr and a half, exercising hooked up to monitors, machines, etc. R was told by the cardiac specialists that he didn’t need to come to the rehab clinic. What he was doing on his own was working out very well and to just continue. along with all of this exercise though has come a change in diet, much less meat and more plant based meals which is all to the good for both of us…Now the hard part comes in keeping my mouth shut and not saying, “Don’t overdo!”

        1. deemallon

          Outcomes are so much better when the individual is disciplined and invested! That’s why my brother’s recovery will look nothing like my sister’s.


    My dear friend and mate had a stroke 37 years ago. Once the swelling in the brain begins to subside, the slow healing and progress will begin.
    Prayers and well wishes to you and your dear brother.

    1. deemallon

      Yes, we are waiting for the swelling to go down. Hoping speech comes back first! Thanks for sharing.


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