Sun on a Sunday

Walked the dog. Did both crossword puzzles, more or less. And I’m back to editing after a hiatus — easier than going back to writing after a pause, but still a hurdle.

Fall routines in progress here. We put the hammock away. Brought the Christmas cacti inside. Started (the endless) raking.

It’s a meatloaf or chili kind of day, but I already cooked chicken thighs, so we’ll have them along with a bean salad featuring Rancho Gordo’s cassoulet bean.

I’ll admit to checking my phone EARLY today with a ghoulish anticipation. But, don’t get me wrong — I hope our president recovers. I really do. I live for the day when he is repudiated in a landslide election and then prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

I am at a little bit of a loss with my sewing.

12 thoughts on “Sun on a Sunday

  1. Mo Crow

    this sums up how I feel about the orange thug’s condition:
    ” At this point, the only thing that would convince me that he’s really sick is an autopsy”
    Gail Frump 4-10-20

  2. Nancy

    …just watched him waving from the motorcade…
    This entire time leaves me speechless.
    Love the leaves in the stump! You have lots on your mind/heart, be gentle with yourself.

  3. Tina

    Worrying about the ones we love takes it toll on our mind body and spirits. I hate seeing our warm weather slowly turn cold. More than ever we need to be able to get out .. but I do not tolerate cold. Love your shoes!!

  4. Patty M

    Love the pink house! Same strange feelings about the illness, whether I believe it, and
    several other distrustful floating thoughts.

    1. deemallon

      I personally think he’s filming more faux work scenes so that if he goes on a ventilator he won’t have to disclose (ie succeed power to VP).


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