Nine Plus

I’ve decided to make a series of Protector collages. Usually when making these things, I let serendity rule. Whatever box or magazine I pull from the shelf will hold that moment’s assemblage. Whatever image grabs me right then. It’s a legitimate and powerful way to work and it’ll be interesting (to me anyway) to see what happens when I compose with more deliberation.

I want to make Angel/guardian protector collages and human/animal protector images.

I was born on the ninth and have always considered nine a lucky number. So to discover the surf board company is “Nine Plus” made me smile.

This group of images lacks glue. They usually change when I glue them down. But I wanted something else here on the blog.

She is the one who immerses herself in the ocean (the Great Mother) and rises up on a board to sync her rhythms with the rhythms of the sea. She is not afraid. She is in love with her body and knows how it can open to ecstasy.

The tiger will rip your head off if you come too close with ill-intent. Grrrrr.

The breaching whale reminds us that the world is bigger than we can ever know.

And the Greek church? I don’t know — I fell in love with the blue. It is soothing compared to red. And also, it seemed apt to place a cross here as a symbol of hope and redemption rather than the darker meanings of crucifixion.

6 thoughts on “Nine Plus

  1. Tina

    Multi talented that is what you are and as always an inspiration … I’m grateful!
    I’m finding myself stepping back with fewer and fewer words however never lacking gratitude for you and the others that I very much love and admire.

  2. Nancy

    Dee~ What a fine idea. I like seeing it not-yet-glued, like near the blue & flames, tail shape on the right, as I can see the lift, shadow. Nice. I like the blue of the sky, so hopeful. Also, I did not even notice the cross, for I was looking at the bell. One could say a lot about of bells ringing out, yes? I love what you have to say about the girl…what would it be to have that inside of you? Something I wonder about. But yet, to also have the powers of the tiger.
    I will also be interested to see where this goes. 🙂

  3. Acey

    just listened to Pam Gregory concerning the Jupiter Saturn conjunction on the 21st. Was struck in coming here how you created an oceanic guardian as I had just been listening to her talk about Neptune’s wife …


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