A way to go

In the past, the chakra work I’ve done was in-person and not just in-person, but in-person with people I knew and trusted over a span of many years.

We called it Sacred Meditation, as devised by Richard Moss. It both started and ended with the heart center.

A very different enterprise! I wasn’t quite prepared for how an unbounded exercise working from the root up would go. And even more, I wasn’t sure how much to share about what was arising. This is a public forum, after all.

Meanwhile, out in the world, a new confederacy was forming and the number of bodies falling from Covid kept escalating. Both staggered the mind.

I’ve emailed Acey. Let her know. Also suggested that my overwhelm was a testament to her intuitive power and how she communicates.

Would it make a difference if there weren’t absolutely catastrophic news stories unfolding like tidal waves? Perhaps.

After some more thought, however, I realized that I am brave and curious enough to keep doing these exercises.

Hear that? I’m pretty brave.

What I’m not prepared to do with any amount of ease or elegance right now is talk about any of it. So what? I’ll dip in and out and share the pictures. See how that goes.

15 thoughts on “A way to go

  1. Acey

    Am posting because it seems irresponsible not to do as much – as if by simply moving on with my day I might actually be as tra-la-la about matters of emotional/mental/psychic containment or lack thereof as your experience might tend to suggest depending on the reading one gives it. The most important thing is that I’m glad you pulled back and have found a frame that leaves you comfortable to express it in your style for your blog readership.

    The healer part of me wishes I’d realized the expectation you had of facilitated containment and life-like trust induction. The full-service chakra deep dive program is actually being facilitated by two of my former students for some badly destabilized folks in their peer group/work environment. My end of it’s meant to be *individually* titrated – not unlike Liz took one look at the first post and said okay I’m wearing an orange moonstone ring all month and that’ll be it. And, likewise, why I told her doing as much was more than enough.

    Having gone through chakra intensive experiences three times at very different points in my own personal healing journey, I would have known immediately that your expectations might be worse than unfulfilled. I would not have recommended skirting the edges of something so potentially overwhelming.

    I don’t have to know your specific story to understand how dark and jagged *anyone’s* story can get for you without the right support system. You don’t have to take this on faith but i know myself really well, Dee. I would have ADAMANTLY shielded you from what you experienced by very strongly counseling you to take the pass you’re now choosing to give yourself.

    Since none of that happened I have to assume that somehow the shake up you experienced, however unpleasant and uncontained it may have felt as it was unspooling, will ultimately open some important new ground for you – especially since it all went down during this potent eclipse portal window of time. Perhaps having it come through me – however unfamiliar and unsafe it seemed – may prove to have been a relatively gentle way to get that work accomplished right now, for whatever reason.

    More pragmatically you see to know a lot of people who understand and support you up and down the energy chain. So that’s good, too…

    1. deemallon Post author

      Hi Acey. A few things: this post was never about what I perceived you to be doing right or wrong. I also don’t think I had any expectations, for containment or otherwise. The experience was very similar for the collage challenge, BTW, so I wouldn’t even chalk up my response to chakra-work.

      But once I identified that maybe participating was problematic for me, I asked myself why. That’s where the comparison to previous chakra work availed itself. And this notion of being unbounded. Which I sometimes am, regardless of situation.

      Anyway, you are right to suppose that I have a lot of support and I hope that alleviates you of even the slenderest sense of worry.

      And, I want to say, too, that by talking about this as much as I have, it’s become a much bigger deal than it actually was, you know?

  2. Nancy

    Dee~ I actually know next to nothing about chakra, have never even memorized the different chakras – colors and what they mean…but I do consider you brave for finding a way that works for you. I tend to shut down (avoid? not ready now?),as I am already so overwhelmed at this time. Perhaps why you stepped in and what took place next was what was supposed to happen now, for now…an entrance.
    Or not, what do I know in the end.
    Whatever ways you choose to move on to whatever is next, through your days, in your discoveries…I wish you to be well, I wish you wellness. xo

  3. Rainsluice

    I’ve feel Ive missed something, something significant. But that’s par for my course. Great quote from Rebecca Solnit – love her. You seem very ok to me, but I’m not fully present most of the time. Mainly I’m lost! Hope you’re ok.

  4. Tina

    Such timing .. I’ve been wanting to introduce my 17 year old granddaughter to Reiki. I know little about it really other than I believe it works. Could you or any of your readers suggest any books or programs that I could purchase for her. She recently talked to her mom about heightened anxiety leaving her unable to eat the way she would like.
    Dee I think you are very brave .. your open honesty is want I look forward to when opening your posts. Sending you healing blessings 😘

    1. deemallon Post author

      Community colleges and continuing ed programs in our area offer Reiki certification classes. There are levels. Not sure how they’re teaching remotely but that’s where I’d look first. You can get certified even if you’re not planning to use professionally.

  5. Saskia van Herwaarden

    great quote! thx for sharing and now I’ll copy it for personal use over here;-)
    the other thing I noticed was the skirt: the blue x’s on the bright orange, a cheerful, uplifting combination…..


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