Snow and Mail

A snowy day is a good day to put the kettle on or to make soup. There will be stuffed acorn squash for dinner. I’m thinking rice, pine nuts, and heirloom cranberry beans. Plus cheese!

Can you see K out there? Fluffy snow or no, he was glad to have a snow blower. There is A LOT of snow — at least eighteen inches. Under the snowy plowed roads, hides a skating rink. I fell flat on my ass walking Finn this morning — a real legs out, arms flailing cartoon-style fall. Two men clearing a neighbor’s drive came close — but not too close! — to show their concern. I gave them a thumbs up and continued on.

After a writing class where another contemporary scene set in Boulder spilled onto the page, I made cut outs.

And then noodled.

They’re like paper dolls. They’re reminiscent of Jane Maxwell’s work. But I’m gonna keep going with them until something new arrives.

This mouse — shame on her! — not wearing her mask properly.

Which reminds me — I had such an unpleasant experience at the Highlands post office yesterday — an encounter with a woman who just could not abide by the stickers on the floor. She was so weird about it. There was a glass entry door between her sticker and mine. After pushing past me to grab an envelope that she could have easily grabbed three minutes later when the line moved forward, she propped the door open on her hip, and stood there. Humming. She was three feet from me. It was senseless, aggressive rule-breaking. That’s when I shrieked that she wasn’t wearing a mask and I might’ve called her a fucking bitch. She slunk back and let the door close but couldn’t resist giving me a hostile Queen’s wave later out on the street. That’s when it occurred to me that she might be mentally ill.

Did I mention that covering her lower face was a single layer of some crap polyester organza? Not even a bandana!

Telling K about it later, I had to remind him that the stranger was the aggressive one and not me.

Ah well. Off to try felting up a fox head to go with the pretty orange silk party skirt on my mantel.

PS I meant to make the MAIL story include a delightful ornament gift from Nancy. Got distracted by grievance, I guess.

So let me end with gratitude. How glorious the gift that comes in the mail and surprises you. Thank you Nancy!

20 thoughts on “Snow and Mail

  1. Deborah Lacativa

    Yikes! Wtf is wrong with people. I just had to YELL at a woman in the PO to “back the FUCK up”. She jumped back. Lady behind the counter roped air and shouted “Whoop-whoop!” Then she chuckled when I got to the counter and asked for John Lennon stamps.

  2. Nancy

    Oh my goodness…some people just will not behave! I’m out so little, but worry about what J has to deal with. CA is in awful shape, but yet, he said it was packed when he had to go out. Grrr…
    On much happier news, I’m so glad to see the ornament over at your place…being used and appreciated (much better than sitting in a storage tub!).
    Happy Season to you!

    1. deemallon Post author

      I looked at California news case numbers and almost died. Four times higher than Florida. Five times higher than Mass it NY. Even TX lagged by almost 40,000 cases.

      It’s my only trip to the PO for the season. Thank god!

  3. Joanne.

    We, here in Maine, have the many Un Masked Wearing RED and since it’s an open carry permit state- we say nothing to them- just move as far away as possible without infringing on others. Which would be worse- COVID or a Bullet??? I thought they were all out of John Lennon stamps. Got to get more.

  4. Marti

    I have to say that so far, I have not witnessed any one cutting in line or not wearing a mask or acting like an ass… Last Wed, I made the trek to the post office to put Christmas gifts in the mail to family in CA. Got there 15 min before and had 11 people waiting outside, everyone quiet, no talking, respecting the social distancing markers. Still we have now over 2,000 deaths and every county is in the red tier…

    We also have snow heading our way here in New Mexico as well, but certainly not as much as you have experienced…

    Still I do want to ring out the news of this day because what Is also heading our way is the deepest joy and pride, here in New Mexico, enough to melt any snow or icy feelings on this day:

    In this year of unbelievable upheaval, New Mexico held true, held strong, honored its women by sending the only totally female delegation to Congress and said, simply, Si Se Puede, Yes We can because NOW…TODAY, Dec. 17, 2020, a Native American woman of the Laguna Pueblo, Rep. Deb Haaland has been nominated by Joe Biden to be the Secretary of the Interior; the first people’s champion, the people who cared for the land from the beginning…she still has to get confirmed but my heart is overflowing because from the fires and ashes of these past four years, hope rises to become a reality.

    So here’s to good news for a change and Merry Tidings!

    1. deemallon Post author

      What a fantastic piece of news about the female delegation! I had heard about Deb Haaland, of course, but not about congressional seats. Enjoy however much snow you do get and merry tidings to you, too!

  5. Hazel

    Oh, I hope we get some snow here this year, just to make everything look pretty (even if everything isn’t). Miss Mouse looks quite pleased with her situation! Today at the library, where we can stand in social distanced lines on clearly marked entrance and exit sidewalks to pick up our holds, a man came up the wrong direction to stand directly behind me while I put returns in the slot. I may have whipped around a little too fast causing my bag to hit him, along with my masked glare.

  6. ravenandsparrow

    When Gov. Inslee first required the wearing of masks I met a man coming out of the grocery store ranting about the infringement of his rights, but since then everyone I have seen has been quite respectful of others…wearing masks and keeping distance. So far, knock on wood, Washington hasn’t reached the red-hot numbers some other states have posted, although cases are increasing.

    What a monumental snow storm you are having! That much snow would completely immobilize everyone here on the west coast. We are snow sissies, although even small amounts here can be slicker than the devil. I have been in the ass-over-teakettle position with less than an inch on the ground. I’m glad you weren’t hurt by your fall. Enjoy the snowy beauty for me and keep safe.

    1. deemallon Post author

      I’m surprised you don’t get more snow. In any case, this is a blue state and a blue neighborhood. Not sure what was up with that woman. Massachusetts cases are NOTHing compared to California, but pretty high relative to everywhere else.

  7. Liz A

    When I quickly ducked into our local PO to grab a Priority mailer, I was gratified to see everyone masked and standing far apart … the line stretching to the back of the building. But then, we live in a blue county and I’m proud to say that we just re-elected a wonderfully progressive representative to the Texas House. She co-founded the LGBT caucus and is exceptionally active in the community … hope for the future!


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